33 pulls and No hero of the month!


Four 5 stars heroes in 30 pulls?!


The team score is only one part of the equation. Strategy and luck of the tiles also play a part. In raids and revenge, I regularly beat teams with higher scores, because I look at which heroes they have and play to my strengths and their weaknesses. But sometimes I lose to weaker teams too, just because of not having tiles where I need them. :grinning:


We now know there is a 1.3% chance of pulling HOTM.

Probability across 33 pulls = 1 - (1 - .013)^33 = 1 - (.987)^33) = 1 - .649 = .351 =
35.1% chance of pulling at least one HOTM with 33 pulls.

Feel free to check my formula and math if you’re a prob and stat guru. It’s been 30+ years since my last math class but I feel pretty confident this is correct.

If you want to compute percentage for another # of pulls it would be (1 - (.987^#ofpulls))/100.
10x pull is 12.3%
100 pulls is 73%
200 pulls is 92.7%
300 pulls is 98.1%


This game is very badly done or badly intended. This is not luck, it’s not programming. I have almost 1 year of game and until today I did not take a hero who rends yellow making sums of summons. makes idiot people. I started to save my money. Spends nothing.


Good for you? Noone forces you to spend money. Just use TC20 and get 5* for free🤷‍♂️