3200 power 2200 trophies

Looking for an alliance that is taking down 8 star and above titans

My team is still in progress so it will improve


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Hi Denys:

See our announcement for Desculpa. We could use someone like you to get 8s more regularly. We have multiple people with team power over 3500, some close to 4000 and all of us are actively building our teams. We don’t take trophy count too seriously; in fact two of our biggest hitters have 1200 (with wimpy looking teams) and one of our big hitters has zero(!) but he just hit an 8 for 55K…

If you are still looking for a team we just finished an eight and would love to have another higher power team

If you are still looking Original Guardians is looking for another strong player for our team. We are at the 7*/8* hump right now. Took down our first 8* the other day, just need a few more big hitters so we can do it consistently. If your interested and have LINE I’m on there at chuck17013.

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