31 defenders in alliance war

We’re in the holiday period, and I imagine they’re catching up on a ton of threads. You might want to @ someone on staff. I know mhalttu was tracking these for a while.

Good tip on mentioning @mhalttu


I’ve removed one member from the alliance. I’ve also created a ticket about trying to figure out what can cause this.


That’s good because pretty sure this has happened on more than 1 occasion. Not common, but more frequent than we’d like

Hope you guys get it figured out

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Maybe it occurs when a new player first joins a war?
When I first tried war, I was served up a VERY weak team as tutorial. Same with my brother’s account.

Maybe it was coincidence, but thought I would mention it.

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I have no clue how it happens. I’ve tried to figure it out

I was tempted to guess a bug with opt out feature, but first time happened well before opt out was introduced. So I think we can exclude (almost 100%, unless the cause of bug changed over time, but that’s unlikely) any feature introduced later than OP date, Mar 2018, which means that this bug was there since the first release of AW.
Not a big clue, but still better than nothing

EDIT: for the sake of clarity. It is not sure that the bug has anything to do with AW at all, AW just made the community aware of it

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We have a problem in our alliance, we have to fight in this war against 31 players but the max alliance player is 30…!

Hey Guys. We just had this issue pop up on this weekends war. 31 members in the opponents team. I read this entire thread and didn’t see a resolution to this issue so I’m assuming it is ongoing.

We are currently facing an opponent with 31 on the battlefield. How is that possible when there are only 30 members.


Better pic.


20 characters.

May I ask you for an assistance with this topic please? @mhalttu @Petri @Sara Our opponent has 31 members on war battlefield too (and according to the visible part of alliance chat I am not the only one who can see it):

Please submit a ticket so we can investigate this! #contact-support

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Hy, I know that it’s not the right discussion but I don’t know where I have to write. I find ona ally with 31 member… Screenshot_20190718-130504


haha yup, 31 members.


Hi @12stelle, when you have a bug that you want to post about, if there is not an existing thread on the bug, you can create a new thread in #bugs-issues.

Please submit a support ticket on this. I believe that was the last I heard on how to deal with 31 member alliances. Here’s how to do that:

How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


@Garanwyn please merge :wink:

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Merged. Per Petri and Mhalttu’s prior posts, this is a rare glitch and should be reported via the ticket system in-game:

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