30 pull should i skip atlantis for tavern of legends

98.6% chance of getting a season 1 hero


Cheaper gem cost + mat chest => reason to spend like Costume Chamber ?

30 summons isn’t really a lot for landing a 5*. I get Clarissa was nerfed but still seems a solid hero w/ better odds compared to landing secret hero.
For 600 extra gems you get 3 mat chests in Atlantis and if I get Tabards or tonics that’d make up for it.

Also people have been harsh on Ranvir because of Miki, Tarlak and Gazelle but he is still an upgrade over Wu.

I went against my brain…

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Bummer that you only got Ranvir, but you made the right call. The legends portal is terrible. Total waste of money.

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U shouldve waited for tavern lmao

What are the odds I thought they were similar to regular events. Except for the secret hero at 0.1%.

If you really must pull in Tavern, wait until June. You won’t want that HOTM anyway, so no loss.

The odds were somewhat similar in terms of percentages, but the numbers are somewhat skewed by the pool. Listed odds were 1.3% at a past HOTM, but with a pool of 23 to start effectively the odds of getting a specific one are approximately .056%. There’s no featured hero at higher odds. Additionally there is no chance at the current HOTM in this portal. In the testing, there were frequent occurrences of doing a hundred pulls and not getting a past HOTM. The odds just aren’t worth it imo, it’s too much an all or nothing situation. For me personally there’s only a handful of heroes in this portal worth summoning and those results are highly unlikely. The consolation prizes are the most disappointing of any portal, more S1 3 and 4 stars and no chest even to gain mats.

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