30 pull should i skip atlantis for tavern of legends

I saved for month now, aimed for may atlantis for GM and kage shot and new hotm… Now with the ugly nerf for clarisse which made her not appealing for sure, I actully think that putting 30 pull in ToL will be waiser cuz there Ihave 18 good heroes out of 23 i still need (yeah my luck in getting HotM is just terrible).
30 pulls for 1.3% x 0.5 (only gm and kage worth something ) or 30 x 1.3% x 18/23 seems way way higher… If i pull any of hel, greg, GM, athena, kunchen, frida, evelyn, dalilia, zeline, ares, alise, fongg, khonia, onatel, alby, aeron, I will be super happy.

Without knowing your whole roster it’s hard to comment accurately.

TOL seems like a shocking place to spend gems.
If you really have no use for Clarissa, then maybe wait

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Looks like you did the math yourself already. Not sure if there will be the option for 30-pull in the tavern. Till now, only Atlantis and Valhalla have those, I think. So gemcost might be a bit higher, if that would be an issue

If you would be equally happy with any of those, go for the Tavern. For me personal it would be Atlantis. Kage would be awesome cause I am in lack of good purples and GM is a hotm I would still prefer over most other Hotms…

Wouldnt mind pulling for GM but im strong on purple abd Atomos or Ranvir is very scary.

Was thinking about it but cant see goor reward vs risk vs chance.

Guess im sitting out.

And btw, I think Clarissa is still a strong hero worth summoning for. Sure, lower DOT than GM. But the elemental link and extra damage against holy compensates for that. Makes her maybe a little less powerful on defense, but still great on offense. Esp. against yellow tanks


There are yellow tanks in game, cuz all i can find is Telluria lol


GM does extra damage to nature. So he is much more useful, plus he isn’t same class than Telluria. Clarissa might be still useful, but not so intressing right now at least not for me


You have nice atlantis 5* and Wilbur, I will go for ToL

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Haha! You are right, she is way too dominant right now. But do you think it will stay like that forever? There was a time where there was Kunchens and Guins all over the place, too. And not everyone was lucky enough to pull her. She didn’t make purple teams useless. Btw, last night I was raiding and accidentally went into a fight against a Telly with 4.650 TP with my 4.2k purple team (including three 4 stars!)… won the battle with all my heroes still alive.

Hmm, hard one to answer. I personally don’t plan do much pulls on ToL, but I have several of those HotM from there. Missing some of those, which I would really like to have, but I can play just fine without those.
Personally I might even wait, season 3 will have new heroes soon, new costumes etc. Those even have new 3* and 4*, so you could get some cool heroes from those. AR seems not useful for you, you have so many good heroes from those.

Odds on ToL were atrocious. I wouldn’t spend any gems there unless you have them to waste. Atlantis odds arent great either, but I prefer the risk there. Even if you get “lucky” in a 30 pull from ToL, could mean drawing Margaret, Perseus and Thorne and having beat the odds.


Unless you’re really champing at the bit to do some summons i think I’d wait. Doesn’t look like you’d get much benefit from atlantis pulls unless you get what you want, but TOL odds are just so bad that I’d say the same for you there. At least the atlantis 4 stars are better than the TOL ones, and atlantis has the ascension chest too. I expect TOL pulls will be moderately revised after this first implementation and I’d recommend at least waiting a month for the next round to see how they change, unless you plan to do 30 pulls each month or are otherwise p2w

As of now they had a 30 pulls listed on the early info forum. Much cheaper than Atlantis too. Might be worth it.

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I think you are dropping a “bad portal” for an even worse one.

Costume chamber and Valhalla are also to consider here, furthermore given the fact that new heroes will be released is both portals.

Don’t want to be rude, but I don’t understand your reasoning here. You don’t mind about Clarissa but you aren’t scared of ending with a Thoth Amun instead. (Actually another one)

Unles you are a big fan of randomness (which I totally respect), or if you will throw the house for the window to get the secret hero, I don’t see any point on spending gems on ToL. I insist once again you should consider Costume chamber, Valhalla or even Grimforest instead.


That and considering GM is in Atlantis currently and he is maybe the one HotM most people want. Though yeah, Ranvir or Atomos are bad prospect. Don’t understand the hate for Clarissa though. If I’ll get her she gets the tabards unless I get Kage as well.

But yeah, Costume chamber and Valhalla portal (Almur) are worth considering as well. Probably even more if OP is not going after GM.

Interesting how many people advise on rather spending on c. chamber. I remember there were many comments about how c. Chamber is not worth summoning for, even after the relaunch. If SG will release another new portal in future, people will probably advise to rather spend on TOL.

Dont get me wrong, not saying you are all wrong. I just think that which portal is worth summoning for is a rather subjective matter.

I would not spend a single penny in the legends portal. The odds are horrible and, if I could, I would call for a boycott of that portal.

That being said, the odds are terrible everywhere. At least with Atlantis you have a hope of non-s1 heroes. Different scenery at least.



20 soapboxes

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Lol I hope that if nobody spends a penny there SG will redesign it like they did with Costume chamber.

Odds everywhere are bad but Legend has cumulative odds for getting a non-S1 5* of 1.4%, which is the second worst after non-Seasonal Epic Summon (which has HotM only at 1.3%). Nevermind that, for reasons lost to a wit of man, Legend summon lacks featured hero(es), despite the fact it would make sense to have one with number of past HotM there (that still increases). And if I can choose between bad and worse odds, I choose bad.

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