30 Moves to damage Boost

OK, this is may first, really Big doubt. After a While, raiding a difficult Aegir tank team, my Mother North kept all my heroes alive, and I realised that an atack boost was activated making a counter 30 moves+ and a counter 5 min… Tryed to activate this more times I succeeded making 30 moves. Made many trys cause I really liked the atack boost. And when I Tryed to wait for 5 min, the counter was On, but not the boost. This is my question, Where are all the rules of the game/atack/raids etc??? There exist this quind of official rules?? Thanks

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My observation is only a timer in raids, no counter of your moves, but I am not 100% sure

There are a counter yes. I belive that’s the reason they boost the next ones. Not the time

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There’s also a 2nd boost after 40 moves and for the last 2,5 minutes.

Maybe sb knows the raiding rules.

It’s actually rises all turns I made to 180% but 2 yellow gems finished the game for me. That’s the far I’ve come 180%

all ail to this guy. Thank you for my test.

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This is correct.

The Attack Boost is based on number of moves.

The Timer is based on Raid duration.

The two often happen together, since a many-move Raid will take a long time, and a long Raid will tend to have many moves.

But the two are actually completely independent.

Thats follow the big question, where are all the rules of the game?

You already answered your own question. :slight_smile:

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