30 members team OR 6 members team?

It’s been a while since we start playing, we have an alliance of 6 (all from family), invite only, 4000 cups minimum - so basically nobody’s bothering us, everything is going smooth and we love it.

I’ll make a list with the advantages and disadvantages of having a small alliance and I am asking the community to help us decide if we should keep it like that or we should move, merge or open to new members.


  • it’s quiet, nobody’s chit-chatting c r a p, if we need to communicate we just call each other from the other room
  • it’s easy to administrate - there is one leader (the smallest one in the family is the boss) and all others are co-leaders
  • There is no demand from anybody, we do our schedule and we have plenty of outdoor life, too.
  • we all participate in wars, titan fights, raids and mission whenever we want
  • all wars are PERFECT: we get small teams, easy to oversee and strategize.
  • titans are small, so they are easy to defeat (when we get one over our limit we just skip it and it comes back to normal).


  • it’s too quiet. I said hello on the chat and my wife said “takeout the trash”, I never replied back.
  • There’s a button with “demote” then another one with “kick” - my hand is itchy by curiosity of what are those buttons for?
  • the loot is small (I don’t know what to say exactly, but loot seems to be the same when you fight in a 30 members alliance vs 6* titan comparing with 6 members alliance 4* titan)

Please help us to decide:

  1. should we open to other players?
  2. should we merge with another small alliance (about the same size and power)?
  3. should we all join a big 30 members alliance?

What would be the best?
Are there any other advantages?

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There is a better way how to grow. Just start another account everyone. It will be not 6, but 12 members))) If to be seriously, just open for other players, but co-leaders should be only yours. And start the yourney of creating a clan with 30 members. Invite, test new players and kick them if somebody is not good for you.

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We did that once, created a lot of come-and-go and nothing was settled properly.
Wars were unbalanced, stronger titans appeared and then 5 members left, other members came and they were like “The purple tile on the left side is better than the purple tile in the center?” or “Is the leader paid? How many gems they give you per month?”
Quality stuff.

Advantages to growing or joining a larger alliance:

  • Meet new people - it’s fun
  • Learn from others’ experience in the game
  • Kill bigger titans for better loot
  • War is way more fun with lots more moving pieces

I’m sure there are others. There are also certainly some good points about staying the same which you have outlined.

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@anon96970591 we were at the same point you are about 7 months ago. It was just 4 people in our alliance - me, hubby, our daughter and a friend. It was peaceful, but we got tired of being defeated by 2* titans.

After some discussion, I convinced hubby that there are good people that play this game and we would find them. Good news- I was right :smile: We’ve had some come and go, but we have a strong core group who are enthusiastic, fun to chat with and, best of all, NO DRAMA!

Some pros and cons from my experience…


  1. There are great people out there that you can meet. We have people from around the world and it’s awsome!
  2. You can chat about more than the trash :unamused:
  3. Higher titans do give you better loot possibilities. I thing it hits at approximately a 7* Titan. Someone probably knows the exact level that triggers better loot. Regardless, better loot is possible.
  4. Wars are more fun as you get to strategize with others.
  5. If you join an established alliance, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the managerial aspects of running an alliance (booting people, etc. )
  6. There’s a lot of game knowledge out there. You can learn things you didn’t know.


  1. The chat is not your own. If you like the quiet then a bigger alliance will not give you that. There will likely be lots of chat that does not pertain to your game play. Also, you risk chat that you may deem to be inappropriate.
  2. Things won’t be as casual. Joining another alliance likely means you will need to participate in wars and titans more aggressively.
  3. You risk drama. It happens to a lot of alliances :expressionless:

I suggest you talk to your family and see if you want to grow. If so, I would do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Open up your alliance for people to join. Be very clear on the rules when someone joins. If they don’t like it, they can leave. If they don’t abide by the rules, you’ll find out how to use the ‘Kick’ button.
  2. Post a request to merge on the forums. State exactly what your looking for in a merger. You will get offers from other alliances and be able to ask questions. You can also arrange to move someone over there to try out a new alliance.

Honestly, I would make you the offer, but we’re currently at 28/30 members. That wouldn’t work for 6 members :tired_face: But, if you’re interested in stopping by to check us out, just post here and I’ll get you the info.


Running your own alliance requires extra effort, for example agree on how casual your alliance should be (war and titan), rules on booting, recuitment, war coordination.

Helps if you clearly communicate with new people on what you offer and expect - reduce misunderstandings.

I believe all three options can work fine. And you can always go back to a closed alliance if it doesn’t work out. There are good people and strange people in the game just like in real world.

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It’s like finding real-life friends: how many people would you meet before finding one pleasant person? All the same about the alliance, especially taking in account your high requirements.

Just give it a time and do a strict moderation of your alliance kicking out all the players that don’t fit your rules and expectations.

Either you’ll get players that fit your alliance perfectly, or you’ll end up with the same 7 people. :slight_smile:


We’re only 6. You said 7.
Is there anything that you know and I don’t?


Well… I actually meant the original number of members before inviting others. :slight_smile: Sorry, was not accurate.

sometimes you need to give first, then you get. Teach new players. I still teach my guys in clan(30-50levels). We are russian clan, and a small percentage of guys understand English. So i read here, watch Anchor’s, Zero’s and others Youtube channel and learn. Then teach them on russian))) Every new guy is learning our strategy on war. And you know, i’m very proud of guys, that after some time achieve tops on titans and wars. Or you want only memmbers that do understand everything better than you? I’m not telling that you can’t find such a guy. But the chance is soo low. These guys join top or middle clans, not 6\30. So be patient, and good luck!


I’ve been playing about 3 months now. I only joined an alliance 28d ago. I was already 20th level (I think). Seemed small and friendly. Hung out for my first war and had the experience of a 5* dragon titan (we almost had him). And, I’m still there. I think we’ve got something like 8 folks so far - pretty much the core. We’ve been looking for some more players to join us; but not everyone likes the smaller alliances.

I think it’s all in how “aggressive” a player you might be, if you’re tentative, learning, or just trying to take it all in, a smaller alliance with support is what you need/want. If you’ve playing these online mobile games for years, and can almost do it in your sleep, you’re more likely to take a hold of a much more active and aggressive big group.

Personally, I like each size for different reasons…once I top out where I’m at, I may grow into another alliance. That’s just like life too. Take your time, make the decisions that are right for you, and bloom where you’re planted!!