30 heroes/30 waves - multi-teams vs superboss

30 heroes/30 waves - multi-teams vs superboss

Since the hero roster is already set up into multiple teams, how about an event where you get to use 6 teams all at once.
This can be set up in many different ways:

Chain of Heroes
Teams 1 to 6 are selected to enter the endurance event with a total of 30 waves. As soon as a hero dies in battle, another hero in your next team replaces the fallen hero immediately! Get to the end of all 30 waves to win

Hardcore Chain
Hardcore mode does not replace fallen heroes until a boss is defeated (boss every 5th wave).

5 wave resets
After beating a boss (boss at every 5th wave), all standing heroes go back into your roster and 5 random different heroes are in the next wave. Injured heroes do NOT heal when back in the roster.

Chain of heroes (10 to 30, so 2 to 6 teams) try to take out a superboss. Boss can change form/tactics every 20-25% damage taken.

Rainbow Dungeon
A known pattern of monster colors at certain wave numbers (for example, first 5 waves are all purple monsters, then next few are all red…)

Random Pool
event will only respawn up to 10 of your heroes out of the 15 to 30 selected from your roster. Could be trouble if in a wave of all green monsters when you get a blue hero respawn in.

New monster abilities:
paralyze - while under the affect, the heroes tile damage is reduced to ‘hero missing’
weaken - while under the affect, the heroes tile damage is reduced to ‘weak’ regardless of color
defile - effects the slot the hero is in rather than the hero, any hero that dies in that slot will not be replaced for duration (not dispellable)

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