3+ yr player looking for a new home

Level 75 player looking for a new home.

I’ve had my fair share of strict alliances. I am starting a new phase in my life and looking for something with little to no rules that allows me to play my own style without feeling that I am obligated or not pulling my weight because I choose not to hit a titan etc.

I still want to be able to complete POV challenges or events/quests that require alliance participation. Preferably an alliance based in South Africa or in the same time zone.

What I am essentially looking for is:

  1. Laid-back and extremely casual War play - I am not looking for a War Strategy that dictates roles/play style - must be FFA.
  2. Must not have “minimum Titan hits” stipulation - I am not always going to meet this - let me decide if I want to hit big or not.
  3. No LINE app - I prefer Discord.

I have access to Heroplan and have a profile listed which I update regularly.
I am free to join after the weekend War.

My Discord tag is Neano#8402


Hi @Neano, we may be a good fit for you at De Raptors. We are typically fighting 8 to 10 star titans and have yet to not complete a titan pov.

We have a mix of abilities and everyone plays at their own pace, the main requirement We have is if you war you use all flags or sit the next one out.

We are an international group, none specificaly in S Africa but a number of us are UK and Europe based there is normally someone about if want to chat. We also have a completely optional discord for specific chat about events. A number of us use hero plan too.

Any Qs me or our leader @Chadmo can answer here or feel free to drop by for a war and see if our slice of E&P happiness feels like a good fit


hey, neano, check us out:

you are more than welcome!


Neano please check us out at Idle Hands. We are probably not the perfect match but might be still the best available today depending on what you want.

So where we do not match:

  • We don’t use Discord. Some of us use Line but it is not mandatory (I don’t and I’m still (hopefully) a respected member of our alliance)
  • We are not located in South Africa. We are world wide with a fair share in Europe which is close in time zone to you but we also have many in the US and a few from Asia.
  • We might be not casual enough to match the “extremely casual” badge (see further)

Who we are:

  • We are a relaxed bunch of people playing the game and trying to enjoy it. We know that the real life comes first.
  • Still we hit and mostly kill 14* titans. We do not chain them though and don’t have that as an explicit goal, it just was a long time since we stepped down to 13* but we are OK with that too if that ever happens.
  • Our war rules are
    1. *Use all war hits.
    2. *Coordinate war defence team by colors (for all heroes) for usual wars
    3. Change your war defence for very fast wars with relaxed color restrictions and then change it back for the usual wars.
    4. Try to not reset the board until the second respawn unless you have to use your hits earlier
    5. Optionally but quite welcomed: take a part in our coordinate avatars game
  • We don’t have titan minimums. We expect you to do your fair share on average but unless you just skip every titan in a row for a week (without warning beforehand) it will probably not get you kicked out.
  • *Be nice to each other.
  • We literally have the word “Idle” in our alliance name :slight_smile:

* marks the “strict rules” that I can remember someone being kicked for not following it.

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Check out the Bearcats, I think we are just what you are looking for. Laid back but very active Alliance, realize life comes first. Friendly clan always helping each other out.

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A clarification: it should read
*Use all war hits or opt out.

Opting out when you know you will be busy in the RL is quite OK and is actually the right thing to do in our alliance.

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Crew-Barons is fairly laid back.

  • all war flags if opted in
  • coordinated tanks/flanks in war; relaxed strategy (two waves of picking off the small ones, then FFA)
  • soft aim of 100k on a titan, but a missed titan here or there is understood
  • currently 12* titans. If we fill up, it might go to 13* and even the occasional 14*

Contact me (mpolo67) on Line for more info.

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Consider Coffee Haus!

We have a 2200 min. and down all 11* and a lot of 12*. We do that without freaking out about a member not using all of their flags. Obviously we prefer everyone use their flags and generally they do, but we have been a group for a while now and trust each other.

Our war strategy is as casual as it gets, no timing requirements and no mandatory tank color. Our core belief is that a hard to beat alliance happens when each member is allowed to assemble their very best squad given the war-type and their own knowledge of their roster. War is more fun when every alliance member gets to use their favorite heroes in their favorite grouping. That being said, we win a lot (everyone using their very best team turns out to be a pretty good strategy).

Our members are all upper level players with lots of experience. About 25% of our players are over level 70.

We don’t use line and have a discord channel, although we are honestly not a chatty group.

Our players are split between Europe, the UK, & the US. We span a large number of time zones with no real concentration.

Currently we are at 29 players and are starting a new war chest as of the next war.

So check us out, we may be a good fit for what you are considering.

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See Ithilien alliance, we just reset the war chest, so timing is perfect. As layd back as laying back goes… and some more then…

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Hi there, we are exactly what you are looking for. Heroes in Exile.
We have had a few people join us lately looking for what you want and they stayed.

The only thing we ask to be fair is if you join the War team then match Tank and use flags.
Otherwise there are no “rules”.

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Well, that rules our alliance out! :laughing:

Good luck in your search for a new alliance.


Sounds like a good fit with our alliance, Squirrel Spa & Sauna. Look at our profile, let me know what you think.

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Hi Neano,

Re-Amplified may be a match for you except for the part about being based in South Africa. Most of our members are in North America, but we have several in Europe, 3 in Asia and a couple I don’t know where they are from because they never chat.

We describe ourselves as casual but active. We expect regular titan hits, but there is no minimum number of hits or score expected. War is optional, but if you opt in we have a loose war strategy: coordinated tanks, also flanks if you can, and don’t start taking out the opponent’s strongest teams until the second half of the war. Other than that take your war hits whenever is convenient for you and hit what teams you want.

We normally hit 9 star Titans, occasionally take out 10’s, but currently have an 8 star. We should be back to 9 star tomorrow.

We don’t use either line or discord. If you are interested, just search for us, ask for an invite and someone will let you in.


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Hey Neano, Please give Misery Loves E&P a look. Currently we are g 23 members hitting 11/12* titans. We only have 1 rule and that is to use all war flags if opt in. we change tanks every few weeks but no other strategy to speak of.


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Hey! You should join Infinite Waters.

You sound like you’d fit right in with us.
We have a mix range of players. Some competitive and others laid back.

We just ask that if you opt into war to use all flags.
And hit Titan when you can. We are hitting 11/12 stars right now.
There is no tracking of your performance and all that crazy jumbo you find in the top alliances. We respect our players. :relaxed:

We are from all over the world. Our leader is based in South Africa. Along with two other members. Some from UK, Europe with similar time zones. And the rest from the US. So someone is always online.

We update our banner daily to keep our players in the loop of what’s coming up in the game.

And we also use discord. Yet this is optional.

You should come and check us out. See if we are the right fit for you. :relaxed:

Just say Lace sent you. (I’m the co leader)


Hey guys, hope you don’t mind me piggybacking.
Me and my spouse are very active players - always use all flags in war and attack titans at least 3 times. Except when we’re busy with work.
We make about 1200 points in war (together) and 100k hit on a titan in a round of 3 attacks.

Currently we’re a member of a very chill alliance, meaning that no rules for war or titans. But alas this resulted in that from the 30 members only 6 of us is active.

I saw some alliances here we’d be interested in but some of them are invites only.


If you are interested in any alliance that’s invite only, then my advice would be for one of you to scout it out and apply to join.
If it’s a good fit for you both it’s a win / win.
If it’s not then simply rejoin your original alliance
Good luck

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@Cony sometimes it’s easier to contact on Line/ Discord for extra questions. If De Raptors was one of the ones you were considering my line ID is kiltedexile

As far as invite only goes if you just send a join request it can be seen in the chat. Otherwise if you add a new thread I’m sure you’ll be inundated with offers

Heya @Cony I do not mind at all.
If my post helps ANYONE find a new home then I am happy. Please feel free to connect with anyone posting here.

Hope you and your hubby get into a good alliance, Good Luck!


hah, ok. Never cared about invite only alliences. Don’t know what is the drill :slight_smile:

yup, that allienace was one of them. But last time I checked, it was full.
I feel like an old fart as I usually don’t use discord :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Neano, I wish you the same :star_struck: :heart:


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