3 Youtubers (Archon, Siegmund007, DavePlays) asked their community, how they would improve E&P!

Great ideas, I followed you videos and would appreciate if SG takes note.
I like the idea of the streak when summoning, a higher chance of getting event heroes out of the academy Lvl. 10 and while we are already playing Season IV the Season I Heroes should completely be changed against e.g. Atlantis Heroes S2 Heroes when summoning for events or newer season!
Keep your good work :+1:

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This is possibly a more suitable thread for your post… :sweat:

Back on topic, thanks for this @DavePlays, you’ve got my vote.


Your english is just fine :wink:


Truth hurts, I get it.

Wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Thanks for the work on this Topic!

you got my vote.

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Think you for your Great Work. Hope there will be Dome Changes.
Gretings Obo

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Ich drück’ die Daumen! (Orthez aka Gaston)

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Adding a level to the hero academy where for 30000 gems and max ham and iron you can choose the hero of your choice. It would be expensive but I would most definitely use it at least one every 3 months.

A kind of marketplace to offer Heroes between the alliance.
Maybe for diamonds it should be possible to give Heroes to other Alliancemembers

Very good work, you three! I hope, many people will read that! I mostly like the topic of HA10, to increase the chance to get old HOTM or event heroes.

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Great ideas Guys, thanks, i vote up

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Thank you guys for the support :heart:

The topics I would like to see implemented.

  1. HA10: Add a queue of 2-3 retrainings, and please shorten the retraining time from 7 to 3-5 days.

  2. The stage count for map or quest stages should be seen at all times.

  3. Allow for Training Camp Levels 21-25.
    My Proposal:
    21 is like level 11 but with a 2% probability to get a S2 or S3 rare (3*).
    22 is like level 13 but add a small chance for S2 epics.
    23 would be like 20 but add a small chance for S2 legendaries.
    24 would be like lv13 again but an additional chance of S3 epics should be added.
    And finally 25 is like 23 but in addition S3 legendaries could be trained.

With Sg would not loose significant revenue from S2 or S3 portals, but long term players have an incentive to run their trainingcamps.
If you have every S1 hero and enough dupes for HA10 you loose interest except for producing feeders in the TCs.


Kunnen ze niet invoeren dat je helden of verheffing materiaal kunt ruilen met een vriend of iemand uit je alliantie? Sorry kreeg het niet voor elkaar een eigen topic te starten

Great ideas :+1:

Please, have a look at them, @SG-Leader, @EmpiresPuzzles :wink:

Good luck with the implementation :blush:

Großartige Ideen mit dabei. Die Stufe im Kampf zu sehen finde ich wichtig. Will ja jeder gerne wissen wann die Specials aufzuheben sind für das Endgültige Kill

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