3 Years in same alliance... looking for better

HI, You may be looking for Gargantua. Active members but not a top alliance, maybe the ideal next step. We have 1 free spot, visit us to see it for yourself. You can also contact me in Line, my ID is elathys. :slight_smile:

Are playing puzzle combat? If so my alliance may be a good fit for you were not a power house but we growing into a competitive group. ~Night Riders~ look us up pal

Hey come check us out. I’m sure you‘ll love this alliance.

@Sambadrummer should I flag or tag a friendly moderator to close this thread? Otherwise you’ll continue to be inundated with requests from hopeful recruiters :wink:.

Thanks, found a home


@Sarah2 yes please :slightly_smiling_face:

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As requested. Good luck in your new home! :+1: