3 Years and Counting!

Hello Everyone!
Our server is over 3 years old now and I thought I would take a moment to make a post!

It has been a very exciting ride! We have made a lot of advancements from the early days when we were just a recruiting server.

With over 1550 members and growing everyday I want to take the opportunity to introduce the server a bit more for those that have joined recently.

We have our recruiting channels under ALLIANCE ADVERTISEMENTS where you can look for a range of players from no trophy requirements to 2400+ requirements.
(How am I able to post in these channels?)
Its simply making a quick post in #alliance-tag with a screenshot of YOU in your alliance.
We have a 32 character limit on names, so we try to make as much fit as possible.
If you want a discord name change, you can simply post in the same channel!

If you’re looking for a new alliance, post your roster and information in these channels ranging from Level 4 to Level 9000!
Please review #rules-guidelines first though, you don’t want someone to potentially steal your account!

We have an EVENTS category, with the different events that Empires and Puzzles have for us each month; Make sure you click FOLLOW in #empires-and-puzzle-events for monthly calendars and current events!

We have multiple chat boards, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Polish!
If you think we can add anymore chat boards let us know in #suggestions
I still have spots available in #youtube-videos for you to post your youtube channels (we allow other videos as well, but we want to focus more on Empires and Puzzles videos.

Last but not least, We are still looking for Moderators to help around the server!
Join our Discord for more information.

Thank you all again!
Have a safe and fun Holiday Season!

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  • MeatPopsicle
  • Radiance

If I’m not looking for an alliance how much benefit is there for a seasoned player?
This forum has over 78k members. What info/help could I access via discord?

I’ve never joined any of these discord groups but always been curious about them.

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I guess the real question is what unique benefit does the discord server offer over the forums. Other than real time communication, of course, which may or may not be a benefit. For me personally, not so much.

I have been in a couple discord groups – F2P rebellion and Poll Dancers. The real time communication is so-so at best for me. Although I do miss @FabulaSumus.

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This discord does not offer more then the forums. it just simply cant. There are far more members.

The discord was created to get discord members for real-time communication.
Some alliances require either LINE, discord, or other messengers in order to join their alliances.

having this discord server allows Alliance leaders and recruiters find players already on discord.

This discord is like general chat… without all the spam that comes with in-game general chat


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