3 year plus player looking for a new home(again)

If you’re looking for a pretty laid back alliance come check us out at AMHB. Only real requirement is that you use your war flags and try to hit the titan as often as you can. We all realize that this is a game and that real life sometimes will come first, so we’d be happy to have you come and try it out and see if we’re a good fit. AMHB.

Come check us out! We are chatty bunch who enjoy the game. Looking for a player that hits the titan (11/12*) and uses all flags when opted in for war. We do rotating tanks with some strategy, with FFA at the end. Silent Implosions is our name or if you have further questions Line me at Toya_76


(1) my sister alliance (Mystic Meadows) happens to be looking for more members. They use Line and are drama-free. FTP is completely fine. If interested, please contact Tin of the North on Line, marjoson.

(2) Let me know when you have found a home and I’ll close this post. :+1:

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@Obsidian You already know you want to be a pirate in The Pirate Horde.
Just think of all those famous alumni like Zephyr, Voidstrike and Supreme Alien Raptor.
How can you possibly say no?

Chicago connection ( international alliance)
Currently doing 10 Star Titans ( titan hits required )
1200 cup minimum
War is optional but those who participate are required to use all 6 flags.
We have a spot open
Many long time players and people are friendly.
Search Chicago on game to find " chicago connection "
We have Facebook group page but not required.
No line/discord requirements.
Titan and War participation is monitored

Howdy! If you haven’t found a perch yet. The Padawans is no drama. Friendly, competitive group. Pop on by if you want to have for a bit. We have a couple spots open. If you want to chat before leaving your alliance we are on Discord. https://tinyurl.com/PadawansDiscord. Feel free to drop in. A few of us are on line if you prefer that. (We don’t require either of those BTW… just easier to share info there.)

@Obsidian come check out the fantasic core. We have a great group of people that always use all flags and the only thing we ask is you use all flags in war or opt out and hit the titan at least 3 flags. Everything else is laid back and you do what you want for events and etc… no huge requirements other than be active and what was mentioned above. We have a solid mix of male and female members. Check us out.

Join us at Gargantua:) we are a relaxed, no drama alliance, but trying to do our best in wars and against titans. We usually face 10-12* titans.

@Obsidian hope you found your alliance, Might be time to close this thread ?

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I hope you found your Alliance!

I cant actually close it as the poster aint said too.
Also if people keeep posting it bumps it up.
I’ll put it on slow mode. :wink:

Actually will close as has been active. Any issues @Obsidian contact me.


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