3 year plus player looking for a new home(again)

Very late to the party and if you’re still undecided @Obsidian on your next move, we have a space in The Incognitos at the moment. Given all the information in your OP I think you’ll do great here.

This is us.

But, if you’ve already found your forever home, perhaps you can tag or flag a friendly mod to close your thread. Otherwise, you’ll continue to be inundated with requests from hopeful recruiters.

GL in your E&P journey.

Edit - we did have a space, alas not anymore.


We a cool bunch come test the water, this is a brand new alliance apex_predators.
We slowly growing we on 7* titans in 10 days and we want higher.
Our rules are simple pull yah weight. Hit titan user all war flags. We slowly growing @ me if your interested. We have line chat that you will be added too if you want.

If you don’t mind a small alliance but with active conscientious team mates who never leave war flags behind then you’d be a great asset to us

Bulldogs Oasis, you’re more than welcome to come and check us out

We have one of the friendliest groups you will encounter. Always helpful. We always use all flags. Come check us out. We also have many beta players. We also use line app

Hi there.

Read your post, sadly, I can relate to your experience. I would like to have a partner like you in my alliance, Revolted, but we are 2 portuguese and the rest of the guys are all brasillian. Language would be an issue, probably. Don’t know if it would be a little discouraging for you.
But, given the time that has allready passed, maybe you are allready in a new “project”.
Whatever the case, wish you godspeed in finding a place where you feel better.

a fellow player

Hey there. Dez again from Crew-sapphires. We have 2 spots open. We’re definitely drama free and any concerns are sent to leaders on line individually to keep it out of game chat as to maintain a chill environment.

I took over in mid January and, with my co-leaders, enforcement of reasonable titan policies (4 hits or 60k daily) we’ve grown from 9/10 * titans to 12/13 * titans and the occasional 14* when we’re full.

Leadership is definitely important which is why I strive for consistency and communication and I address any issues as they come up.

I like to say we’re semi-competitive (in titans and war) with semi-casual expectations.

Let’s chat on LINE my LineID is 702dez82

Take it easy and good luck!

I think you’d fit in well with my alliance. Active yet chill. We are the product of a merge from a couple months ago. Low drama and some light hearted humor. We are full but 1 member is taking a break and will move to sister alliance to make room. Hit me up and I’ll give you more info. 3rd Day Rising, 11/12* titans. Line ID Boggstar.

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