3 year plus player looking for a new home(again)

@Obsidian - I will second @Sarah2 's recommendation above. Tbd has been developing a solid team over the past year. We have titans capped at 12. We have a lot that talk and some that are pretty quiet. But a ton of comoraderie on war days. We are also global if that matters. Best of luck while you make a decision!

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If you’re interested in the following, check out Ascendancy.
Capped membership at 18
All very high level players
Titan and war focused
Titans capped at 11* so you can use your mats for other stuff
Even with 18 members or less, rank top 600 in mythic titan
War record you wouldn’t believe if I told you
Line Tatsya

Or Tsataya when I spell correctly

Come on in and have a chat, our discord channels speaks for themselves.just hit the link below

Hi @Obsidian

We had a surprise opening today, check us out when you have time, look us up at Lords Of The North II or on our recruiting thread here:

"We are chill but we are not slackers. We play daily, we kill titans, we get excited about wars, and we have fun doing it. Beyond the basics, our main requirements are to be active in group battles (or let us know if you can’t) and be respectful of your teammates.

Trophies: 1200 (Player Level 30+ Recommended)
Wars: Optional, use all flags if you’re in
Titans: Required, every point counts"

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I know I am late to the party but if you are still undecided please take a look at the Locker.

We are an international alliance that has been together for almost 2 years. The core group have been together for 3+ years.

We are currently killing 10* titans. We do occasionally get up to 11/12* depending on membership but prefer 10s, easier on items and not much difference in loot.

There is a time zone friendly war strategy in place, similar to what most are using. Currently giving the rotating tanks a try.

We do utilize line but not mandatory, all important info is relayed via the alliance message.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk, I can be reached via Line at wolfwarrior66.

Hope to see you in the Locker.


If you haven’t decided yet, give International Fight Club a try.

We use Line (with Wise Goat) and have lively in-game chat, we’ve killed 113 consecutive 14* titans and won 2/3 of our last wars - and we would have won the 3rd one, too, if a former member hadn’t left 6 flags on the field.

We’re from all over the world - North America, Europe, ME, and Asia.

You can contact me on Line at chodaboy_ (don’t forget the underscore)

Alliance: Twilights Bastion


10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy)

We are active but keep it chill (respect real life, but also maintain our house rules to respect all players.)

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here: http://line.me/ti/g/EZCfX3Q7_v


11-12* titans (occasionally a 13* if we’re at full flags)
Semi-competitive. Missing a war you’re opted into is a demotion. We’re part of the larger Crew family, so there’s room to grow upward as well.

Line contact: mpolo67

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Look up Bearcats. Super laid back, Have vets and train newbies. We are all just in it to have fun but at the same time we have some higher level players.


Check out Gone Rogue. Not casual - currently 83 14*'s in a row; line app mandatory; daily play mandatory; data driven decision making (this is why we have a spot open); looking for +30 maxed 5*'s; minimum +20 lvl troops; can average above 150k on any color titan; war 1- shot allocations (data driven); titan hits mandatory; war hits mandatory; crazy bunch of folks that want to maintain top100 instead of dipping in and out of it.

We are not seeking “come-and-go’ers” but permanent fixtures to the Rogue family.

Chazman007 on line app for vetting

Ascendant Armageddon, part of the Ascendant family. Multiple line group options for you and a goat room. Organized play with simple guidelines that apply to all. Tanks rotate based on war type. 11*-12* titans and we finished 299 against Mythic. Several F2P members.

Crew family is awesome. Check out barons. You’d be a great fit there!!!

Hey @Obsidian
Check out Legends of Space
14* titan (100k minimum),
4600tp min.
War tank rotation.
Im Beta player as well
Line us, we can open a spot for you

@Obsidian you’re welcome to give the shops a try. They are one of the longest-running franchises in the game. One Stop Titan shop is on over 1,200 days.
mama bear is the leader there and the founder of all shops, they have sarcasm and an adult atmosphere in all shops. line her at
Be sure to add the dots.
There are plenty of great options here but like I said the Shops have a unique environment and also some Legends in the game. Good luck on your journey my friend.

THE SHOP FAMILY are awesome… we have all types of personalities…STAR …that’s me…can fill a whole town just with hers…lol…150 according to some…others even more… it’s all about fun and craziness at the SHOPS…come bave a few drinks…a tray of bacon…but leave the chocolate for STAR…she gets a little cuckoo…okay extremely cuckoo… …yea I’m talking about myself in 3rd person…it’s the voices

Come and be welcomed to the Void
Voidbringers[+DJ] is an international group with members in US, Canada, Europe and Asia. We are a laid back group of 24, hitting 8-9* Titans and rotate tank colors weekly. We ask to hit titan when you can and use all war flags if opted into war. We also use LINE, which is optional

If you are Still Looking for a new home check out Party in the Tardis. I’ve been part of it for a couple of months now and they are a really friendly bunch. Only “rules” are Try to hit the Titan as many times as you can. And if you sign up for a war try to use all your flags.

The group is a nice mix of experience and Newbies like myself, so we would welcome an old hand like yourself to help pick off titans and fight in wars.

We typically fight 9* and 10* titans but have defeated a 12* in the time I have been in the group.

Some people in the group are FTP and some are PTP and some of us are a bit of both. No obligation to spend money to help alliance out. Occasionally people will gift items to the rest of the alliance (Valentines Gems and Mythic titan items etc) however there is absolutely no obligation to reciprocate. Just a simple thank you will suffice.

Hope to see u soon.

we have one last spot left.

  • we are dealing with titan 6* to 8* and use harpoons occasionally.
  • we are a casual alliance but quite active. just some members are not online daily
  • In my alliance, not everyone hit titan daily but more than half of us do
  • In war, some players, says 4 of 22 troops, always leave flags.

If you found this suit your style, please check in at ronin***


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