3 year plus player looking for a new home(again)

Internationals is a successful merger… a dozen of us split off from our home for years for reasons like you mentioned and are happy to have found them. If you don’t mind Discord instead of Line, check us out.



If you don’t really want drama and a casual alliance you can check us out at Darkest Hyrule.

We use Discord, but that’s optional.

There’s 17 of us… one is on a bit of a hiatus, and another one doesn’t participate in Wars. While those participating are required to use all their flags, if there are mitigating circumstances, as long as you explain, there aren’t too much issues. It’s also a free for all. Unless the score is close, time is running out and we’re slightly behind, I don’t bother people about using their unused flags.

We don’t really care about what heroes you have, and there is no pressure to spend… I’m ftp myself.

We’re hitting 7-9 star titans. Usually stick on 8 stars, but sometimes we dip to 7 stars.

Looted Bandits is casual enough, but still consistent with titan hits and hard asses for war flags being used as it should be. We have ftp and ctp players too and they make quite a dent on our opponents.

This is my second alliance and they are a good group; there’s a group that were in the previous alliance with me, but left due to others’ inactivity… and I’m glad to be here now.

Hi there,

We have an alliance of 29/30 right now, I think you may be a good fit. Our alliance has been around for a few years, we’re “Tuck the Fitans”. Once 3 alliances, now 2. Our group is from all over, Canada, US, UK, India, etc. there is a good mix of men and women (some couples), some more casual than others and some FTP while others spend a bit.

Overall though, we agree that it is just a game and life takes priority. That doesn’t mean we don’t win our fair share of wars and kill 75% of our titans (10-12*). If someone doesn’t get on to hit a titan though, it’s not the end of the world. War on the other hand, we are a little more strict with getting all flags used. One strike, then if there are missed flags again we ask you to step out of war until you can make a full commitment.

Some people are quiet on chat while others more active. We talk about the game a lot, but also have gotten to know each other on a more personal level and joke around/ask about real life stuff.

Anyway, you’re welcome to jump on board for a bit and see if we’re a good fit. Green tanks for war currently.

You can check out Na Fianna Nua. We have one slot available for you. Alliance is a mix of heavy and average hitters. We have just filled out our war chest so it’s the most premium time to join.

That is sad… So, so sad :cry:. Tagging @Yates1876

If you’re still undecided, let me add TBD Part Deux into the mix. They are all daily active players, all war flags (on a winning streak atm), titans capped at 12* so players can use valuable resources elsewhere and most importantly, a group of really good people.

Edit 8 April Nvm - Now Full

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Dysfunctional Zombies… Join us here, we’re a very happy balanced team and friendly good people, we have been together for 2-3 years now. We use all our war flags 98% of the time where 2% is when there has been a real life issue which is understandable.
We’re drama free, unless if we complain about a bad board we had in a challenge, lol.
Titans are 7-9*
Man… I’m sorry really to have read your post, I’ve been there and our team has been there, abandoned ship and started over.
Best wishes to you.

Heya @Obsidian

I’ll add the Brothers of the Sword to the list. We are at 29/30 right now hitting 13* titans. We have plans for weekday and weekend wars and it’s incredibly rare for us to leave even one flag on the battlefield. A mix of various types of players including several F2P. Mostly US and Canada with several players in Europe and East Asia. Good group of chatty cats who respect that real life comes first. Check us out in game or hit me up on Line.

Brothers of the Sword
Line ID: earlverdant

Hello Obsidian,
Read your post and we’d love to have you as a member. Let me begin by telling you a little about us. We are a 50/50 US/EU alliance which works out well for wars. Currently at 16 members and working on a merger that will bring us to 29 :grin: Right now we’re slaying 9 and 10 star Titans.

Per our description all members hit titans daily and we have coordinated wars where of course members use all war flags. Wars are coordinated but not militant. Although I can’t remember the last time we did not use all flags we do understand that real life happens and ask members to opt out of the next war if they miss a war flag. 2 wars with an unused flag is grounds for dismissal. Our war strategy is simple. During weekend wars leaders set farming targets and they are farmed twice before we begin flipping/FFA/mass attack which usually begins at the 12-14 hr mark on the war clock. During weekday wars we farm once then begin flipping/FFA/mass attack. This simple strategy has garnered us a 75% success rate as our members understand how to use their flags wisely.

We are a chatty group with more activity on the weekends and during wars. Some of us have been playing together for over a year and we use line to communicate as well as alliance chat. Line is not mandatory but is encouraged for war and is very useful as it has the wise goat and albums with lots of helpful information that is updated regularly. With the advent of friendly raids, watching videos on Line of raids against your team mates and talking smack has been a blast. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our goal is to find either individuals or a group of like minded players that mesh well with the group and like to have fun.

And for informational purposes, we also have a training alliance that was created to allow some of our low level, less active players to participate in low level wars and help them fill their POV war challenge quest. This alliance currently has 20 members and is slaying 6* Titans. Members can move up to Loot Hunters when they feel they are ready. Or if members need to take a little break, going on vacation or just wanna do something a little different, they can move down to Loot Hunters Boot Camp. If you would like to discuss further you can reply here, or contact me on Line ID :romanleviticus :grin:

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@Obsidian - I will second @Sarah2 's recommendation above. Tbd has been developing a solid team over the past year. We have titans capped at 12. We have a lot that talk and some that are pretty quiet. But a ton of comoraderie on war days. We are also global if that matters. Best of luck while you make a decision!

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If you’re interested in the following, check out Ascendancy.
Capped membership at 18
All very high level players
Titan and war focused
Titans capped at 11* so you can use your mats for other stuff
Even with 18 members or less, rank top 600 in mythic titan
War record you wouldn’t believe if I told you
Line Tatsya

Or Tsataya when I spell correctly

Come on in and have a chat, our discord channels speaks for themselves.just hit the link below

Hi @Obsidian

We had a surprise opening today, check us out when you have time, look us up at Lords Of The North II or on our recruiting thread here:

"We are chill but we are not slackers. We play daily, we kill titans, we get excited about wars, and we have fun doing it. Beyond the basics, our main requirements are to be active in group battles (or let us know if you can’t) and be respectful of your teammates.

Trophies: 1200 (Player Level 30+ Recommended)
Wars: Optional, use all flags if you’re in
Titans: Required, every point counts"

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I know I am late to the party but if you are still undecided please take a look at the Locker.

We are an international alliance that has been together for almost 2 years. The core group have been together for 3+ years.

We are currently killing 10* titans. We do occasionally get up to 11/12* depending on membership but prefer 10s, easier on items and not much difference in loot.

There is a time zone friendly war strategy in place, similar to what most are using. Currently giving the rotating tanks a try.

We do utilize line but not mandatory, all important info is relayed via the alliance message.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk, I can be reached via Line at wolfwarrior66.

Hope to see you in the Locker.


If you haven’t decided yet, give International Fight Club a try.

We use Line (with Wise Goat) and have lively in-game chat, we’ve killed 113 consecutive 14* titans and won 2/3 of our last wars - and we would have won the 3rd one, too, if a former member hadn’t left 6 flags on the field.

We’re from all over the world - North America, Europe, ME, and Asia.

You can contact me on Line at chodaboy_ (don’t forget the underscore)

Alliance: Twilights Bastion


10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy)

We are active but keep it chill (respect real life, but also maintain our house rules to respect all players.)

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here: http://line.me/ti/g/EZCfX3Q7_v


11-12* titans (occasionally a 13* if we’re at full flags)
Semi-competitive. Missing a war you’re opted into is a demotion. We’re part of the larger Crew family, so there’s room to grow upward as well.

Line contact: mpolo67

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Look up Bearcats. Super laid back, Have vets and train newbies. We are all just in it to have fun but at the same time we have some higher level players.

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