3 word play

Old fashioned trams

Blackpool here I come

Read that wrong… :smiling_imp:

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Locating bus pass

To visit trans


and sip on…

Trans warp core



Taste the rainbow
:popcorn: :lollipop:

A skittles Advert

Taste the rainbow sweets

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Skittles are Yummy

Lime is back
Screw apple that was horrid

Big juicy lemon

20 times lemon and lime in my gin

2 big jugs


Nope not gonna…
20 warning signs of a trap…

Two blue ti ts

A lovely colourful little bird native to the U.K.

I’m gettin flagged

I know iys gonna happen. My mind and drinking and a solar eclipse. Yup

Flagged for offsides

Thats my life
Even when I’m good I’m bad

Sliding flag pole


Licking frozen poles

Red ryders are not that dangerous.