3 with 25+ 5* Seeking New Alliance - Closed to Consider Options

After a brief stint in a top 100 alliance, we are looking for a lower stress alliance.

Ideal alliance would be friendly with at least 9* titans with no 0’s, and no unused war flags.

Rotating alliance tank colors is a huge plus since purple all the time gets boring.

I can be reached via Line (ID: igh13) or Discord (IgH#9054).


We would be happy to speak with u regarding joining the Shop Franchise. We are one of the longest running franchises in the game ( almost 4 years ) AS long as u have thick skin and over 18 come reach out to mama bear ( she’s not that scary ) :rofl:

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Check us out at “The Average Joes”.
10* titans. 24/30 at the moment. :blush:

TBD part Deux

Or Cemetery seeds might fit the bill…

Although rotating tanks, not so much. @Kalis

Silent implosion could be an option too…

GL in your E&P journey.


At least you can come and check us! We really need stronger guys!! No stressful team!!

@IgH I don’t envy your situation. There are some great alliances out there. I wish u every happiness on your journey and wherever u 3 decide to go. May the boards be ever in your favor and may the combos be plentiful. Good luck from the Shops. :kiss:

541-Titan Slayers has 3 open spots.
We’re a friendly, laidback but competitive alliance.
We’re using purple tanks for now but we rotate after a while.
We’re hitting 10-11* Titans, we use FFA strategy for war but don’t waste any flags and use all of them. Our last war we reached a war score of 7k, currently our alliance record.
Plus, last Mythic Titan we were around 1500th place, trying to crack top 1000 next time.
We’re a very cohesive, fun and active group.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions. My Line ID is acrossthedark. :slight_smile:

Misery Loves E&P have spots. We enforces using all war flags and killing 11/12* at 23 members.

Check Backdoor Bandits, not color tank just use your best team, we are killing 10* titans and use all flags

Hi IgH,

I’m the alliance leader for Path of Daggers, and we coincidentally have 3 spots open.

10* Titans (capped, regularly kill 5+ weekly)
All war flags used
FFA war with rotating tanks (monthly, currently purple)
Also have a Discord server

We value communication, compassion and understanding for all members, responsibility for actions and alliance activities and of course having fun.

Regardless where you go, hope you find a group of people you want any to connect with and enjoy playing with.

PoD alliance recruitment thread - more details if you’re interested

Clever Cyan Gryphon

Hello IgH,
Legion of Hunters of The Last Legion family can accommodate :grin:

We are an International mid level alliance slaying 11* Titans. All members hit titans daily and we have FFA wars where of course members use all war flags. Currently using green tanks for all wars but rush in which we use purple. We’ve had some new members join us recently so a new poll for war tanks may be in order. Our simple war strategy has garnered us a 75% success rate as the majority of our members are seasoned players that know the limitations of their rosters and use their flags wisely.

Our goal is to find either individuals or a group of like minded players that mesh well with the group and like to have fun.

My Line id is; RomanLeviticus if you would like to discuss further :grin:

We on 10-11 titans now

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Thank you all for your responses! Due to the many responses we have gotten here and elsewhere, I wanted to close this request while we review all our options to find the best fit.


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