3* vs 5* the screenshot thread. Rated C for cringe

This is really to open up a discussion of 3* vs 5*

I don’t have a recording app for my android and even if I did I probably wouldn’t have guessed this would happen. So enjoy the screenshots that show how close I was to beating Major pompa. If you see me defeat your team, you may understand how and know that it likely took me 10 failed attempts against others to beat yours with super lucky boards lol I will be using this team for 3* tournament as offense and maybe even defense. Hopefully I put all the important screenshots and no dupes lol.

My first and second match gave me hope for this 3* team I accidentally came by during the yellow asc mat quest.

I wish I was recording but didn’t think much would come of it so all I have are screenshots. First was an ordinary match that set me up for a diamond the second round

As you can tell, my third round was spent using the diamond and fourth round I used my greens specials

After some matching I get to this point where all my heros are becoming beasts and you know stuff is about to go down

I had to make a few points less matches to get off color diamonds but as you can see it starts paying off

At this point my heros are critically low in health due to their fragility and I have to wait on my mage’s special since it would be useless on krampus with his undispellable maxed out defense. Bjorn’s hits are admirable.

The game goes on and I finally kill all the heros and expect my trophies and successful story, but major pompa has a final 3 letter ace up his sleeve… TYR

TYR has other plans in mind… As my hero Bjorn looks up to his fellow S3 member, TYR begins to feel like this is a match well made. With Bjorn alive I cling on to my last options. I see a match that will pave way for more combos and defeat him yet again.

It was fruitless since TYR is the embodiment of the immortal phoeneix and finally shows Bjorn the light at the end of the tunnel. FIN

0/10 tomatoes rating. I accept thrown tomatoes as payment, at least then i won’t have to buy groceries lol


Update, I’ve done it :slight_smile:

It did take an additional 6-8 tries lol. Perhaps I should use this even in alliance war, they synergize much better than some of my 5* bench warmers


Huh? Ooooooooooooooo

Really necessary that comment :roll_eyes:, someone having some fun playing and reporting results… absolutely no need for your negative comments… and good luck beating 5* team with 1*! … you could have nothing but the colour you ran with and you still wouldn’t win.

Now why not return to the hole you crawled out of.

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That’s exactly my point, everyone cares too much about how my 5s can’t beat his 5s.

Take a break already and have fun with your roster mixing it up and have a laugh when you demolish a team against meaner than your team.

So yes, I will report my results having fun, which is what a game is meant for. Not spending my bank account and future generations’ inheritance.

I haven’t spent a dime here except for maybe a dollar or two I racked up back in 2017 from Google rewards and stopped that as it wasn’t fun and didn’t reward all that much dollars/cents.

Now that I have probably converted you, let me see your results :person_shrugging::+1:

I couldn’t agree more. Less negativity in this world is welcome.

1* team will never beat a fully level 5* team. He has made a bet or promise that it’s possibly and now it is up to him to prove it in my opinion lol I’ll give him a better chance, 2* team will suffice :slight_smile:

Lastly I’d just like to say that even if I had a lucky board with some of my bench warming 5s or even some of my better 4 heros I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without a mono team as we can see my team isn’t mono.

It has always been about how lucky your boards are and many times also how your heros can survive or revive taking some brutal hits from the defenses’ raid boost.

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I like this thread. It’s nice to see how rare heroes destroy legendary heroes :+1:
I remember one war I participated in. I was doing clean-ups, because I hadn’t enough of 5* and 4* heroes to beat strong teams. I logged in, half an hour left, I had 3 flags and there were no weak teams nor partially killed. So I wanted to use all of my flags and I had to attack teams with 4500 power. I took mono rare teams. I got so good boards that I killed 3 whole teams consisting of heroes like Telluria, Vela, Gravemaker, Seshat. Wow, that was fun!


That’s awesome! and I also had that experience with a green mono team back a year or three ago especially with c.brienne bringing their teams down to -65% when I didn’t have enough 5* and respectably strong 4*

Let’s keep this energy up, I would love to see a battle against a high tp team for the poster’s alliance’s win.

I know we can’t be the only ones. This will give hope to those newcomers who are not quite there yet with their roster.

Heck any underpowered team win is welcome such as 3* vs 4*, 4* vs 5*.

Perhaps in a different thread in the future I would love to see someone max/near max family bonuses against a team with max/near max family bonus aside from Christmas heros lol they’re too common.

From you I’d also like a screenshot defeating a 5* with 2* lol

Do you need a hug bro?

Do you have a picture of team power of your team and enemy ?

You can post the battle here :slightly_smiling_face:


So I thought I’d take on the challenge…

Very strong team, no point in dilly dallying, in for a penny and all….

Started so well with a diamond of the colour I wanted! :smiley:

Oh dang, I’ve charged Frigg up… :grimacing:

She hits hard at the best of times, but vs my mortal 3* forget about it :smirk:

The inevitable :sob::rofl:


Glad you had fun. You can almost say RNGeezus set you up for that loss by giving you a favorable match right on frigg lol almost, I’m sure you would have won otherwise with that 35% crit coming up.

I was thinking of using that hero as well, but I haven’t emblemed or broken her and so she is too weak.

Hmmm, I love your optimism but I just don’t know how I come away with a W with that matchup, I went holy just to attempt to blow a hole through Xno and hope to ghost tiles down the middle, the 1st part of that plan worked, but with Frigg, Odin and Faline all waiting and fast to charge I’m not sure barring a miracle board that I can win that.

I’ll have to earn my “clap clap clap” another time… how will I possibly sleep at night :roll_eyes::rofl:

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Intriguing thread, thank you for sharing - and really well recovered, despite the odds! :clap:
I just felt like leaving a bit of positivity here, because, I want to :wind_face: :hearts: :hugs:

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This is a fun thread. It reminds me of the days when I had to make up numbers in my war teams with 3* teams and take a run at the remaining 5* teams on the field. I nearly always went mono. Some bombed out, but a few times I get a lucky board.

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