3* Vlad not compatible with talent grid

Not sure if others are having issues with any other heroes but I have a 3 star vlad who is maxed out but still gives me an option to level up? With the new talent grid that rolled out I’m guessing this might be a little bug. Can you help?

Your Vlad need to have his specials up to 8/8 as well in order to see the Talent Grid.

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He is maxed out at level 50 tier 3. I can’t do any more then that

You have to max out your special skill no just get him to level 50

You are able to keep feeding a non-maxed (special ability that is) hero with additional heroes to increase his special skills to 8/8 max.

Fortunately, with the newest update, your chance to increase the specials from additional feedings to a maxed hero has been quintupled.

Well that kinda sucks, took time to get him that far, why would I worry that much more about a 3*? Thank you guys for your help. :smirk:

From my understanding they increased the % chances of increasing special skills to specifically help with your situation. Probly worth it to throw some feeders and see if u hit 8/8

Idk how good vlad is tho


x10 1* Dark heroes or x5 2* Dark heroes (or… you got it) would give him 100% chance of skill increase.
Once it’ll be at 3.50 and 8/8 skill he will be able to unlock his class benefits, given enough emblems.

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Lol not that great, helps in wars sometimes. Not gonna worry too much about it.

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They did. A 3* without a maxed special will have a 10% chance for each 1* of same color fed to them. So, 10 1* will give a 100% chance of leveling up the special when fed.

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Honestly, Vlad isn’t too great; I wouldn’t spend emblems on him unless he’s your only option at that time. His health steal can be nice during wars with field aid, but that’s about it. The rogue class is a nice touch though, especially since it has probably one of the best talents, but still not enough to justify using emblems on him (imo).

Will be nice for the class quests though, especially if you’re lacking other rogue heroes, you’ll definitely wanna keep him for that. I’d do 10 1* feeders and up his skill til it’s 8/8 just because, but that’s me. Depends on how often you use him. If it’s not very frequent, he could wait. If he’s your only rogue, then you should make sure he’s ready.

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Thanks everyone for the great advice!!! :grin:

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