3 training camps provides me like 5-10% of 2*heroes

And other just 1*, is this normal?
Recently, mentioned that I have 20- 25% of 2*(by mistake, previously it has been like 15%),but today was a terrible day…
It looks like it doesn’t matter how many camps you have,right?:pleading_face:

Is this an estimate from what you think it is, or have you actually been keeping track and worked it out?
I think it pretty much balances out, like with everything. I notice some days - usually when I have bad luck/boards - I willl get only 1* or at least mostly 1* but then on days I have good luck/boards, I get mostly 2*. The same for days where I have a mix of bad/good luck and boards, I get a nice mix of 1* and 2*.

Right now I have 3x TC 2 and I have honestly been having about an equal amount of 1* and 2*, from what i can see. I think you just notice the 1* a lot more because they are frustrating to get if you’re trying to work on your 4* and 5* heroes.

I think the OP has a small sample size

Would be nice to get at least few of 3* ascended first…I have few 4* and 5* heroes,but no game plan for them yet as I don’t know whom I have in a future…

3 camps…1* catching 90% all day today… What do you mean ultra-small sample man???

What level training camps are you running? Level 1 only gives 1* heroes, level 2 gives 50/50 1 and 2*. 3-10 aren’t worth using.

Edit: Oh duh, I forgot about TC4. That’s good until TC11.

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Following on to what others have said… make sure you’re running Level 2 of the training camp if you want 2* feeders. Most often this is referred to simply as “TC2”…

Also, Level 4 (referred to as “TC4” or “LC” or “Low Cost”) is good if you are still fairly new and need a cheap one to run

But once you get a camp up to Level 11 (referred to as “TC11” or “ELC” or “Extra Low Cost”), you should never use Level 4 again because TC11 is exactly the same except cheaper to run.

Anyway… key levels, to my way of playing, are TC1, TC2, TC4 (early game), TC11, TC13 (mid-game), TC19 (late-game), TC20 (late-game).

Makes me think of Glengarry Glen Ross… Always Be Training! :wink:

Good gaming!

Was it done in tabulation for a period of months? If it was done only in a few days or weeks, that data of yours is off.

I think you are referring to TC2 and TC11 functions, right? Make a proper tabulation and run it for months. The result would be a better sample size

I have TC 13 , 11 and 4 lvl

Most of the time this happens when players confuse farmed 1* / 2* and trained 1* / 2* or use a small sample size ( because merciless RNG ).


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