3-Tier War - Rare, Epic & Legendary

How about a new war type is introduced with rare, epic and legendary in separate wars.

This will give everyone an opportunity to opt in and/or opt out.

Rewards are not cumulative but separately distributed for rare, epic and legendary conquests/defeats. Obviously lower/higher level loot is the way it rolls.

Possibly giving more satisfaction and less of the same tanks?

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@Dudeious.Maximus :+1:


:thinking: Flesh out the idea more.

A three tier war seems fine, but how would participation work?
Can an individual opt into all three tiers?
Would this lead to an alliance having three war scores?

For the concept to work, I think some of these little issues would need to be addressed. Don’t mind the general idea though.

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@ThePhilosopher Thanks for your reply, absolutely an individual can opt into all three wars or individual ones.

A lot of the time the lower level players can’t participate or are put off/advised not to as they don’t have enough war teams. They’re missing out on loot, war experience and enjoyment. It could be a six flag war or 3 flag war, perhaps 3 flag max for rare.

Yes an alliance would have three separate war scores and three separate war chests, of course the legendary chest would produce best loot much like the event quests. They don’t all need to be on a Wednesday and Saturday and don’t need to be so regular but there are so many new players missing out. The alliance leader can opt players into legendary wars but any player could play rare possibly epic?

To really try something different why not have an occasional war with only S1 heroes with the chance to get a costume or a guaranteed 5* coin which can be used for a s2,3 or 4 summon?

The legendary coin could be given after 100 participations

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The idea is excellent

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@Ronaldo46 Thanks very much. I hope we can get more support so the developers can consider this idea

Please remember to vote if you like my suggestion

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