3* team building help

ok, here’s what i have right now broken down by color. i’m trying to decide who to keep and who is food. i already have been working on my 4* team but didn’t know at the time the value in keeping 3*s, so here i am rebuilding them.

yellow: i pretty much only have kailani right now

red: only have azar right now

blue: i have kiril still powered up from before

here’s where i really need help

green: isshtak, belith, brienne (hear people really like brienne)

purple: prisca, balthazar, tyrum it seems that balthazar will be the biggest damage dealer of the 3 with the highest charge power and base damage, but tyrum seems decent too with his debuff.

if i go with brienne and balthazar then i should be putting up some serious damage, but will have no healing. is the killing speed and kailani’s power enough to mitigate that?

If you’re running it for the event challenge, purple’s going to be the reflect color again, so you’re ok NOT running purple.

Run Azar, Kailani, Kiril, Belith, and Brienne. 2 hitters, a healer/debuffer (Boomer buffs himself, not sure about the others), an attack buffer, and spirit linker (def buff is awesome) is a pretty good team.


Hate to agree with @Dante2377 again, but brienne is awesome and belith is the best 3* healer with her debuffs. Keep Balthazar though. Tyrum I’ve never had, but prisca you can probably burn.

cool, thanks. i hadn’t even really thought about how sometimes you need a backup. i was thinking of getting rid of prisca, her self heal is nice but i don’t think its worth it compared to what the other two are capable of.
I think i may have wasted some leveling on raising isshtak now that i have brienne. oh well, live and learn.
i think i may need to invest in extra troop storage. i’m starting to build some teams and all the space i need to hold troops until i have enough to level is making it kind of tight.

What level are your training camps? If you are up to 13, then you can throw your recruits in there and back them out when you need them. At one point I was up to 50 days out in my training camp. Then I got the hero I wanted and was able to level her up in a hurry

3* for the event
A buffer, a tank, a sniper, a healer.(double snipers till 7, 1 sniper and 2 healers from 7 above) easy.

I have all three greens; agree keeping Belith, Brienne. However, if you have Isshtak lvl’d and one of the others not, might keep him too to sub in, until the event is over.

Purple: Balthazar rocks! Never had much use for Tyrum though he might work for you. my Prisca sits on the fence and never gets any fight time. :grin:

Tyrum is probably more useful in raiding as a way to get rid of buffs like Riposte, elemental defense you can’t get through, etc and don’t have Melenor, Sabina, or Caed.

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Yeah I liked your suggested 3* team, Dante. :wink:

thanks everyone for the advice also wanted to say thanks to critterbug. that idea of stockpiling recruits is genius. its also a great way to stockpile food. i hate how some days i feel like my storage units are full and other days i can’t train or forge items because i’m tapped out.
now i don’t have to feel the feast or famine of that.

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don’t forget one of the most important factors - FAST MANA.

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Ok thanks to my summoning during the event I now have 2 Azar and 3 hawkmoons. (I get the worst summons during events, I should learn my lesson)
Azar seems good. Hawkmoon doesn’t seem all that useful and I should probably hold it for nashgar or kelile.
Is there a link to a good list of player ratings? I feel like I keep asking and it’s gonna get annoying soon.

There is a list out there that eluded me tonight; I want to say Ellilea penned it.

Until I find it, may I offer this for some side reading? I discusses what heroes are/were being used for defense in the top 100 teams at that time.

EDIT: Here’s the list I was thinking of:

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Hawkmoon’s pretty good, she got me through the middle game. I ate her later. I wish I hadn’t.

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