3 Stars Hero Choice

Hi guys,
I’m enough new on the game and I need a suggestion!
I’ve to choise between Karil and Valen for the blue hero spot in my team. The stats tell Karil but his special attack don’t convince me.
What would you do?


PS: at least for the moment, i don’t have an attack\defense\titat team, I use the the for every evenience…

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Valen is 1 of the best 3* :wink:

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Use Valen but keep also Karil, it can be handy VS red titans. I also have kept both until I’ve got Grimm.
Grimm loves sacrifices :smirk:


Valen won’t be failin’!

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Keep your good 3*! You will want them for challenge events, alliance wars, and perhaps against titans if you don’t have a fully doubled 4*/5* bench (two or three of each color).

I’ll just use Gunnar as 3*blue hero for events, i’m also looking for Ulmer but unsuccessfully :weary: