3 star troop in Goblin Ballon

The description of the 3* troop as a reward in the goblin balloon shows a 3* troop at level 20? When you buy the balloon, you in fact get a level 1 3* troop. Is this an error that needs to be fixed. I will say, I thought I’d get level 20, 3* troops when buying the contents of the balloon.


3 & 4* troops in the summon portal show the troop at max level too but they also come out at level 1.

Not 100% sure (and can’t check now as I don’t hvae a 3* troop in my GB) but does it have any description under the troop when you tap on it?


Yes that is fully disclosed


I just did a quick check of summons portals. I can’t think of an example where what you’re shown is the unleveled version.

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Since it is already disclosed based on @Ruskin505’s last screenshot where some fineprint texts is found at the bottom of the troop description, and the original post suggested it that the troops should be “sold” or “given” at maxed level as his idea or feature request, then I vote no as it will be used by many players to powerlevel their main troops. We would be seeing many players with maxed troops when maxing them should be a grind as by game design.

I debated reclassifying as a bug but wasn’t sure if that was the actual intention.

I’m glad you took the literal interpretation.


Me, too. I was about to recategorize it myself but reread the entire OP.

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Heroes and troops are displayed on call portal and similar places with their full features. What comes to you is the undeveloped version. :slight_smile:

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I want it fully leveled, too. :wink:

Otherwise it isn’t worth a purch…

Yes. It has all the stats being shown at a level 20 troop.

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3 people have tried to explain this. This is a capture just taken from my Goblin Balloon (left image). The image on the right is what you should receive (lvl 1) from your ballon (from my roster). It’s all in the fine print. :slightly_frowning_face:


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