3* Star Holy heroes. Who would you level first?

Sorry everyone, Im adding another into the huge collection of “omg who should I worry about ascending/leveling first” threads.

I am looking for recommendations on whether I should work on Bane, Melia or Gan Ju, since Im having trouble deciding for myself.(this is for event battles only, btw)

The only rare/3 :star: holy hero I have that is fully ascended and leveled is Bane. I am working on Kailani.

I did some Atlantis summons. Of the heroes I got, I got the rare holy heroes; Melia & Gan Ju. I was leaning towards planning to start leveling Gan Ju first because of his Mana depletion special skill. (I do have Azar, but she may not always be ideal to use, like in some levels of Pirates and Fables events where a fire hero isnt the best choice.)

I remain undecided because Bane is already a solo attack hard hitter that causes more damage anyway, so part of me feels like I should focus on Melia since her special hits all enemies and her tiles should do more damage. (I do have Ulmer but he’s not ascended high enough to even matter. I also do have Jahangir, but he’s my only “hit everyone” 3 star option—I end up using Karil who does minor damage to nearby enemies as the next best thing when a fire hero isnt a good choice). The issue with Melia is that she’s so new its too challenging to find reviews on how well she actually preforms in battle.

Another thing that keeps me on the fence is that it seems like Gan Ju’s comparitively low defense power would make him harder to keep alive than Bane and Melia .

Yesterday I pulled my third Bane from the Daily Summon. My second Bane, I pulled some weeks ago but I used him as a sacrifice for a higher star holy hero because I didnt realize a bunch of people actually find it really useful to double up on him for the rare teir of events that have a lot of Dark heroes and province levels with a lot of dark heroes. All three of them being fast mana is also making deciding difficult for me.

If anyone has any input on which they feel is the best hero or best to focus on considering what I have, I’ll appreciate it greatly.

You could level Melia first, then Bane, Gan Ju and Bane(s) up to the desired amount :slight_smile:
Melia will likely become a staple for your 3* teams: she is fast and the effect is strong!

Remember that even if you reduce foe’s mana with Gan Ju some unlucky cascade could refill the mana you worked hard to cut :frowning:

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Melia is really good. Her skill’s damage is nothing special, but the crit boost is, and it charges fairly quickly. So aside from event quests, her usefulness in wars will be great, titans depending the star count of the titan you’re facing (you could just feed her mana potions at the start too but by the sound of things you probably have much better heroes already).