3 star heros

Could maxed bertulf and/or treevil be strong enough to use in 4 star events?

In attacking absolutely. On Defense I’d only consider Treevil.



Speaking of bertulf and treevil, I also have shrubbear and grievel, which ones would I use to be the most effective?

Yes they can, I’m using Bertulf even in legendary(5*) events.

Some people are using Treevil in v.fast wars and 5* tournaments.


By events do you mean challenge events? If so I use nordri, c.Gunnar, treevil in challenge events as I don’t have better replacements for them in their respective color. I’ve even used them in five star events

If you mean tournaments I don’t think bertulf would be seen often or if at all. But treevil gets used at the highest levels.

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Bertulf and Treevil get a yes from me.
Both with full emblems
Both with LB

Yes, I actually lost to a double Treevil´s team last 4 star tournament :sob:

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