3 star ascension

Hi, my 3 * hero Bane is at the MAX level ascension but his special skill is still at 7/8. Can i still feed him heroes to get the special skill to max ? If so the usually how long does it take or maybe how many heroes needed ?


Yes, you can still feed him to max out his special skill

When that happens to me, I usually feed them one at a time whatever i have left over, I seem to get better odds that way

Better way is to work on other heroes and keep in safe other 4 Bane s … then feed your 7/8 Bane those 4. Each of them will add 25% to the special skill rate . So you be sure its 8/8 successfuly.

And to avoid later have this problem again try to feed your 3☆ heroes … feeders of same color and only 1☆ 10 feeders per time so you get 20% of Skill % up… when ever the skill is 8/8 use the 2☆ feeders.


Great, that’s a relief to know that the special skill can still be advanced even if the hero is maxed out. Thanks to all