3 Star Ascension Items what to do with them

So I’m at a bit off a loss as I get zero thrill from orbs, capes etc etc. anymore. I’d love to gift them to my alliance mates but that’s not possible. I’d love to take a whack of them and turn them into a 4 star item but that’s not possible. So what do you do with these things once you get to a point you just have too many to use and the alchemy lab is just spouting more at you. I’m sure there are others in the same boat am I missing something?

Put em in the Alchemy Lab…

Unless I’m wrong you can only create gloves, compasses orbs, shields, hidden blades, trap tools and warm capes, not use them in a recipe.


You are correct. AL does not have any levels which can transmute unfarmable 3 star mats into possible 4 star mats (which was available in the 1st version of AL), which is one of the most significant drawbacks of the current AL. Anyway, for now there is no realistic way to get rid of these items, so just hoard them. :slight_smile:


I wish we could’ve used it in alchemy lab for a trade of 5* mats…

Orbs look like they’d make a nice snack. Put them on rice perhaps?

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