3 star and 4 star team help


Im looking for 3* and 4* Offensive (Events, Raids) and then a team for Defensive Raids. I thought I had an idea for a team but then I got Caedmon and I’m not sure what to do:

My current Offensive and Defensive Wars/Raids (top-bottom = left to right):
Melendor (3^21) Green
Tiburtus (3^37) Purple
Scarlett (3^37) Red
Grimm (3^27) Blue
Bane (3^50) Yellow

Relatively New 4 star heroes:
Li Xiu (2^21) Yellow
Boril (1^31) Blue
Scarlett (1^1) Red
Caedmon (1^1) Green

3 Star Heros:
Renfeld (1^1)
Gan Ju (1^1)
Gan Ju (1^1)
Gunnar (1^1)
Azar (1^10)
Carver (1^1)
Bane (1^1)
Graymayne (1^1)
Karil (1^1)

My thought for a main team before Caedmon was:
Melendor, Tib, Boril, Scarlett, Li Xiu
Given that I level Boril and Li up more

But Caedmon would be my only sniper, and buff remover. But I would hate to lose my only healer… Thoughts?
What would you do for
(1) General Offensive Stages, Raids
(2) Defensive Raids


Your instinct for your main team is good. Lvl Caedmon after melandor. Your offensive/raid/event will/should change depending on The situation.

Correction: I’d finish Grimm before Boril. Melandor, Scarlett, Li xiu, Grimm, Tib should be leveled first. Once you get Boril lvled after Grimm, you can use Boril on defense instead of Grimm.

You can use your main team as defense team for now. Defense just isn’t important until you’re much further anyways.