3 Spots open in MAGE TRAINING GROUNDS alliance!

“Majicka do not even blink… it’s finally back to normal!”
Thanks again little KAF!! :rofl: :+1:

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Still actively recruiting!! :slight_smile: All levels, no trophy requirements!! :+1:

We have a spot for YOU!!!
All levels welcome… join to learn the game, or help the noobs learn the game! :smile:

3 spots opened for active players who want to learn the game!! :+1: or seasoned players who want to stop by and take a break! Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend or two… or send your mini/alt! We’d love to have you! :smiley:

join us!! we’d love to have you!

join us we’d love to have you!!! :slight_smile:

Open spots available!! :slight_smile:

Newbies, we are here to answer your questions!! Join us! We are an active group that loves to help other fall in love with the game like we do!!

[#]No trophy requirements! 21+, active players wanted to fight titans and wage war!! :crossed_swords::axe:

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