3* Special skills


My proposal is to increase the chance to level up the special skill only for 3* heroes.
Right now is way to easy to reach the top level for this kind of hero and let the special behind.

Differently from 4* and 5*, they are one ascension short, much less levels and much more easy to upgrade.
Even using 10x heroes of the same color every time, the chance to get maxed and have to use other heroes only to level up their special is really high.

So for me is kinda fair to increase (leave to you how much) the possibily to upgrade their special with normal training.


I do agree that 3* heroes seem to get the short end of the stick here. This is an interesting and valid point as to why 3* heroes might be able to use some love. Not now, but soon, I’d like to write up a post as to how we might change 3* heroes to benefit the overall community.


The update had some 3* love


Well to be fair, it’s roughly the same amount of exp to cap skills regardless of hero, so I’m not really sure it’s a warranted change.

I’m not 100% confident I understand the design goal of having to raise skills anyway since the vast majority of the power (other than buffers like Brienne to use a 3* example) is tied into hero level as a function of their stats.


I think i’d like a way to skill up AFTER the hero reaches max. When I reach max, and my 3* hero is still not 8/8, add an increased % to my skill up chance, so I can finally max them out.


This days i leveled three 3* heroes to the top. 2 of them has reach lv. 5 special and 1 reach lv 6, only using same color training (alternate 10x 1* and 2*).
I don’t think i never reach the top on a 4* and not maxed his special.
So probably you are right, you need the same amount of heroes to cap the special skill on a 3* and a 4*, resulting grinding a lot a 3* that already has reach the top, and this is just absurd.
If you need the same time to get all the stat at max whatever the rarity of the card, then it’s useless to get they 1 ascension short and much more easy to upgrade. At least on stronger hero you kill two birds with one stone, grinding levels and special togheter.

And you can’t say that special is not important on a 3* cause is the same important of a 4* or 5*.
And i don’t think you want your 5* without a maxed special.

And Rook, your idea is just lovely.


While Devs did add continuing leveling at max tier, max level, you lose all the XP, so I tend to only use duplicates for the +25% skill roll.

If my 3* is stuck at 3/8, I can just level another copy for Alliance Wars, or so I have heard.

I don’t know why special skills don’t automatically become 8/8 when you max out a hero.

If it is a program thing, maybe make all +skill rolls times the tier.


Tier of Leveling Hero, +% skill roll for 1* Hero of matching color, +% skill roll of duplicate hero (because Alliance wars)
1, +2%, +25%
2, +4%, +50%
3, +6%, +75%
4, +8%, +100%
Maxed leveling hero, +100%


This day i was levelling the special of all my 3* hero.
As you can tell, i’m burning an absurd amount of heroes to do that, and sometimes is even useless.

I had a Dawa maxed at 4/8. So in all her grinding, her special went up through heroes only one time.
I used almost 200 heroes to improve her special, all useless. Still 4/8.

So i decided thats it was not worth to keep going, and i take Gan Ju from zero up to lv50
He has his special at 7/8, and i feed him with that Dawa.

Now, it’s utterly illogical that is better to raise another hero from zero instead of what you already have maxed.

But as we are now, if you see that a hero don’t go up on his special no matter what, it’s useless to keep going.


Rather than do that just don’t have skillups at all, tie everything into the level of the hero.

Not certain why they thought skilling up was awesome, dopamine release?


Lol, even more shame now.

Was grinding Azlar, he is only first tier lv 49, but i maxed his special :smirk:


Levelling two 5* domitia maxxed special shortly after 1st ascension. Horghall special is 2 at almost 2nd ascension. Levelling them both the same way ie all like color and feed as I get anywhere from 1 to 5 heros. Crazy Variance