3 Questions: defence - SA stacking - Khiona/Domitia

  1. What could be my best defence, when I leveled up all my current heroes?

  2. Does Khiona stack with Buldtusk?

  3. Who is better Khiona or Domitia? I guess Khiona, but I want to be sure.

1- MY opinion, as you don’t have any yellow hero I would leave on defense:
Rigard - Zeline - Richard/Azlar - Azlar/Richard - Khiona
2- Yes
3- MY opinion: Khiona

Edit: Just saw Kadilen. If you manage to fire Zeline and Kadilen (both are fast mana), you basically don’t lose HP. A friend of mine fired both and after that enemy Sartana fired and did only 120 HP damage! (Out of about 640 usual)

  1. I agree the core defense set up in the middle would be Zeline - Richard - Azlar. As for the left and right flank, I personally prefer rainbow so Tiburtus and Chao for: Tiburtus Zeline Richard Azlar Chao. You can also try Rigard in place of Tiburtus but healers in the corner for raid is not that effective I think.
  2. Actually I don’t think Khiona stacks with BT or Kiril or Bear/Dragon Banners.
  3. I agree that Khiona is better than Domitia.

Edit: If you plan on leveling Khiona and Kadlien I think the best set up would then be:
Zeline Khiona Azlar Richard Kadilen

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@DMP is right sorry, they don’t stack. I confused Khiona special with Tarlak’s.

I agree those are the best heroes, but I strongly DON’T recommend throwing a defense without healers. It is super manageable to win raids if the defense doesn’t have healers.

Yeah definitely agree, 5* healers are hard to come by however. Most easily obtainable would probably be Vivica

Thank you for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t plan to level Kadilen. Mysterious tonics are extremely rare for me. At the moment I’m using Zeline - Rigard - Richard - Azlar - Chao

Khiona attack boost does stack with Boldtusk, Kiril, Wu Kong, Lancelot, and Tarlak. The only thing that you have to verify to know this is what type of icon do their attack boost have, if they are different they do stack with each other.

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I’ve have Khiona and Kiril in the same team and Kirils buff gets rid of hers and vice versa, so this isn’t necessarily true. Not sure about BT

I’m not sure where to find those icons on the card? By Khiona, I see the purple infinity icon on the lower left side, but I can’t find such an icon by Buldtusk. Does anybody know for sure, how we can know when and why the special abilities stack?

The attack buff is a sword symbol

Of course Brienne buff is a brown face but overwrite Boldtusk and Kiril…

The only sure way to know if two statuses stack or not is to try putting both statuses on the same character in battle and seeing if one overwrites another. Watching the icons that appear on hero portraits or next to enemies is usually good enough, but you can also tap/hold on a hero/enemy to see what status conditions they have.

For attack specifically, Khiona does not stack with other normal attack buffs/debuffs like Boldtusk or Kiril despite them having different icons. This is because of an earlier nerf to Brienne, who has similar mechanics to Khiona. (As a side note, Athena’s defense debuff was similarly nerfed so that it does not stack with normal defense buffs/debuffs.)

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Khiona’s attack buff does not stack with any normal sword buff from banners or heroes. It does stack with Tarlak’s, subject to the max on Tarlak’s card.

I actually thought this would be the case too, however after pulling Khiona this morning and reading conflicting statements on this, I tested on 8-7.

Fired Khiona’s special, and the three heroes in the middle buffed with the little face like Brienne’s special, Fired Boldtusk and the little face was replaced/overwritten by Boldtusk Attack buff with the sword, fired Wu Kong and that stacks (as previously thought).

Will update this post with screenshots once I have more world energy in a half hour :slight_smile:

Everyone all ready to fire (no specials active)

Then I fired boldtusk special (swords = atk +)

Next fired khiona (swords on middle three replaces by khionas atk buff)

Next was wu which stacked as expected

Then fired boldtusk again just to make sure and the swords are back with the little faces gone:


I have Khiona and Boldtusk in my first team and I have their abilities stacked alot in my games. The trick is to get them to hit at almost the same time. When they are ready I hit Khiona the Boldtusk quickly and the stack, if I do one then wait and do the other then they don’t stack. I am playing on a phone so would not know how to show this… Maybe I could get a screenshot.

Whoa I thought they overwrote!!!


Wait I just checked again…im pretty new to this game and still learning stuff… They show as if they stack but the don’t…

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aww, buff graphic bug.

I’ve been wasting special abilities :cry:

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