3 Questions about Bleed Skill

  1. Can it be replaced with a weaker Bleed by the same hero?

  2. Can it be replaced with a weaker Bleed by a different hero of the same color?

  3. Can it be replaced with a weaker Bleed by a different hero of a different color?

(BTW I’m pretty sure the Bleed damage is proportionate to the entire damage dealt by one “tile”.)

  1. Let’s say you applied Bleed with a Critical blow, and then the same hero applied it with a non-Critical blow. (Another possible example could be applying Bleed with your Purple Barbarian while Ameonna is in Ghost form and reapplying it later after she converted out of Ghost form.)

  2. Kageburado and Boomer are both boosted by a Kiril. Kage applies Bleeding, then Kiril boost disappears, after that Boomer applies it.

  3. Kage applies Bleeding on a Purple stack. Then you apply Bleeding to the same hero with your Karil who is your only Blue on the team.

Thanks for reading and Thanks in advance.


can you explain bleeding. for miki for example

I´m not sure if what answer is correct…

If I´m correct bleeding is not related to tile damage, but the damage done by the hero.

For example: Grimm would deal to a Boldtusk 100 damage with a normal attack = 100 x 0,60 / 5= 12 damage per turn.

If you have more than 1 hero who can apply damage, the last one will prevail over the first. If you have 2 heroes of the same color applying bleed on same turn As heroes fire from left to right if both talents are triggered the one of the hero at the right will be the one applied.

Anyway, bleeding is so marginal damage that the only use I see is counter resurrection from fighters.

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I’m talking about the Talent of Barbarians(like Evade for Rogues). It’s a DoT(damage over time) similar to Burn and Poison. (If you check your Miki’s Talent Grid in-game you might understand better.)

You’re not correct. Bleed damage is proportionate to the entire damage dealt by one “tile”, therefore, Barbarian Class is actually supposed to encourage you to stack. (We’re only talking about the attacking team on this thread. Defending team(or slash damage) is not relevant to this discussion.

Bleed damage stacks if I remember correctly, just like Tyrs SS

So if I apply a stronger Bleed first and weaker Bleed later, the Bleed will get stronger?

I just test it with tyr. It appears that it takes the damage left on the current stack and adds it evenly to each turn when it renews. For example my Tyr does 268 or 67 per turn. I had 2 turns left or 134 total when I did a second hit. It reset to 4 turns at 101 per turn which would be the 134 left + 268 new = 402 or 100.5 per turn round up to 101.


Yes. I’ve had bleed get up pretty strong against titans…somewhere around 200 per turn. During raids it will never get that high tho.

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please can someone explain to me more about the bleed? also, does it work when hero is defence?

miky doesn’t shoot so how can he poisen?

or his special also hits the enemy?

Answer to all three questions is:

“It stacks onto itself”

Don’t think it matters WHO does the bleed damage, it just adds onto its previous amount and keeps going.

Its from NORMAL attacks. Not linked in any way to Special Skills. Normal Attack = Slash-Attacks in defence and Tile Damage in offence.


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