3* Project - Deer Diary, Pawn Star, Gateaux, or the Little Mer-mange?

I’m enjoying the tournaments and have been picking a few of the rarer 3* to level in between other projects.

I’ve got all the classic and Atlantis 3*, so who’d make an interesting addition?

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That’s a good mix right there. Are you looking for additional ones to work on after that set?

I fed all my Rudolph heroes away, so if I still had one I would pick him. I saw a lot of emblemed Gil rah on the last tournament as tank so he might be a good one as well.

I’m doing the same thing! I want one of every 3* in the game maxed. I’m maxing Arman and Hisan right now. Once they are done, Rudolph is the only one I don’t have.
Are any of these duplicates for you?
Gill-Ra is amazing for raid tournaments. Really, all the heroes up there are great 3*. They max so fast and don’t require rare mats, so I say max them all!

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Not for a while. I’ll do these one at a time, so someone is hopefully ready for the next tournament.

Which of those would you do first, all things being equal?


Gato, because next tournament reflects red.

If it were me, all of them at once, using same color 1* feeders for each, while using 2* and above feeders for another priority.

That’s what I did to build my 3* bench, which is now up to 30 heroes.


Last year I got this guy, and use him A LOT


tough call. I only have Mnesseus and Gill-Ra maxed among these, and a new Gato sitting at 1/1.

I do think Mnesseus is more immediately useful, he’s a mini-Caedmon. Even against mobs with nothing to dispel, he is useful.

Gill-Ra is also great as her defense debuff helps increase your tile damage. But being slow, you lose out on lots of immediate damage. on the other hand, her cleanse is great - and if I remember right, unique among 3*s. still, in all situations except war and raids, you can just use antidotes to cleanse.

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I’d level every 3* hero I get. I couldn’t get the sand horse this year but I got Arman. He and Gill Ra will do great together in a rush attack tourney.

I’d start leveling up Gato first. Gato and Rudolph are great for rare events. Their specials are super fast, unlike Mnesseus. Mnesseus is still great tho, a mini Caedmon like Sleepyhead said.


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