3 ppl looking for a new home


We’re looking for a new alliance where members do all titan and war flags, with minimal but strict rules in place. We can attend a FB group or discord for communication, but not line.
We’d like to hit titans between 12-14 stars.

Our stats are the following:
lvl:64 tp:4382
lvl:61 tp:4551
lvl:59 tp:4603
cups: 2400-2600.

Thank you.


My alt account isnt hitting titans that high yet, but tagging friends who may be able to help you.

@Math4lyfe @Timber

GL in your search.

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Thank you Sarah.
Below are our rosters:


Please look us up, main alliance has a few spots open, we would love to have you!

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Try the insurrectionists family, they may be able to accommodate 3 members.

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Thank you, @Sarah2 for the tag. :slight_smile:

@saprofitness, most of crew uses line but some leads have navigated around it.

Tagging those who might be able to help.


Good luck in your search!! Looks like y’all will be a great addition. :slight_smile:


Check out moose wagon… may be we are what you are looking for.

Hello @saprofitness

Check us out - Guardians Heroes

Our family of alliances are formed by Guardians Academy, Rising, University, Ascending, of the North, Heroes and Reborn. Plus Guardians Valhalla as a retirement/vacation site.

In Heroes we are currently at 20 members and fighting 11-12* titans. Everyone that´s opted in uses all 6 flags in war (TP from 42xx to 46xx) and we use mainly Discord for communication.

We are looking forward to your visit! :slight_smile:

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@saprofitness if you’re interested in a certain geography as well, We Don’t Kneel is a US-based alliance. We have a few scattered around the world, but the majority are in the EST and CST time zones.

Other than that, we’ve been around for almost 3 years so are very stable. Many of our players have been with us for over a year and some over 2.

We’re currently hitting 10-11* titans with the occasional 12*. We’re at 25/30 so 3 more would put us in the 12* and higher range.

Everyone participates in war (although they aren’t required) and all flags are required. If flags are missed there are consequences as it affects the entire alliance. We run coordinated tanks, but hitting times are up to each player as we each have our own RL to deal with. :relaxed:

Communication is done in game. There is a Line group for sharing rosters but that’s completely voluntary. I also communicate with some through FB as some don’t care for Line.

Let me know if you’re interested in giving us a trial run.

Hi -We are looking for players like you.

Dark Souls is looking for you. We were chaining 12* effortlessly and have dropped because several old-timers quit the game. You three would definitely get us back where we want to be.

Best of luck in your search,


Hello Sapro! We have an alliance that sounds like it might be a good fit for you and your friends. The name of the alliance is Armour of God if you would like to look us up. Although Line is our primary method of communication we do also use Discord. Our team kills 13/14* titans. If you think you might be interested, I can chat with you about details of the group in Discord.

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Crew-Barons is currently at 28/30, hitting mostly 12 stars (occasionally an 11 or 13), which should skew upward when we are full. Our war strategy is thought out to be flexible for people around the world. We do use Line, and prefer that everyone has it, but have a few members without it, so could probably be flexible there as well.

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Thanks @mpolo!! Sounds like we could make things work within crew if @saprofitness is interested.

Yozz check us out ! We recently just down 14* with 21 people but crew decided to lower Titan to 12* for a break… we are within top 200 when full … we mainly use line but no problem we can communicate through other form of apps other than line … anyway we are not a regimental alliance ,100k on Titans and easy war strategy… we don’t really restrict our crew .

@saprofitness :heart: Hello my friend! Come and join us at TBD Part Deux. I’d love to be teammates again! We’re not hitting 12* yet but with extra recruits the only way is up. You’d be a real asset and I think you’d like our vibe. Come by for a visit?


Well, apologies @saprofitness I didn’t realise we had a mutual friend. Perhaps I should have thrown TBD into the mix after all?

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Sapro, it’s good to see you are doing well and still playing together with the other 2 Stooges :slight_smile:
We wouldn’t be a good fit for you because of our structured wars but I’m sure you’ll find a good home; anyone would be lucky to have you!
Take care and good luck!


Hello all,

Thank you very much for the interest, we found a home in the end; hopefully for a long period.
@Macaque1902 hellloooooooo, good to see ya here :heart: :wolf:
@Sarah2 haha, small world eh?! :laughing:
@TangyHot long time no see!!! :partying_face: thanks for stopping by :heart:



I’ll flag a friendly moderator to close your thread. GL :grin:

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