+3 points on war chest whenever Alliance War cancelled

Sometimes due to bug or server issue, there are times where an AW is cancelled while the battle already started.

Usually the war ended without giving a single war chest point even though members have started attacking and earning battle points. Even when losing a war, we are still granted a point for our effort.

As cancelling an AW will result in longer time to fill war chest, why not giving all alliances +3 war chest points as in a draw?

Sounds fair to me. With a cancelled AW we aren’t gaining 1-5 points. 3 seems acceptable compensation. Good idea!


I totally agree!! There is prep work, planning and strategy involved with war. This all takes up precious time that you don’t want to feel has been wasted in the event of a cancellation. These server issues are becoming a frequent occurrence, and no one should feel that efforts or resources have been wasted. 3 points is more than reasonable:) great suggestion!!


I must be the odd man out here as I don’t see why there should be points for not fighting at all.

I enjoy the break and use that time to do laundry and take my showers during those breaks, lol.

Maybe you misunderstood what I mean by the word “cancelled”. What I mean is an Alliance War that is already underway, so members has already started fighting. I am not saying we should get points from unscheduled or non- existent war. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will edit it to make it clearer.

Yes then that makes more sense although I’ve never yet seen that happen but do agree.

It has happened twice in the last 4 wars…

I only remember twice… Once in November/December last year and most recently during the first raid tournament.

And if I remember rightly we where compensated with flasks also when it happened.

Yes the compensation for the last time was a titan flask, the compensation for the previous one was gems (I forgot how many but I do appreciate it).

Having said that, my focus in alliance war is filling the war chest which have high probablity of granting unfarmable ascension materials, just like elemental chest.

For wars, these should count as a bare minimum 1 point, but likely 3 points towards filling the chest, per war missed.

Thank you.

While I agree this would be nice in theory - I strongly disagree with requests that would require updating point totals in the database of 1MM active accounts.

I’d suggest triggering a rare Titan on weeks war has to be cancelled - group activity, requires participation, bonus chance at loot may accomplish a similar goal - without the risk of much need to explain changes in depth.

Great idea. Let’s go with this.

Sorry dates rearranged cause I merged posts

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