3 or more bugs: 🐛 + + +

Hi, Empires&Puzzles

First bug :bug::
The Sand Empire kicking out me, twice, at final fight.
First time, at last stage… Save God, my phone :iphone: it’s ok, after that…
Second time, I record :record_button: the bug :bug:, with Mobizen…
You “stole” me 16 +16 flags :crossed_flags: and craft materials.
I want them back please, because my money are not infinite. I work harder for 4 to 5 hundreds euro :euro:/month (this is Romania and offers from Empires are looks like are maked for billionaires and rich people and not for normal people or players like me, for example)
Second bug :bug::
Everybody from the “We Play Naked” alliance get the
awards after we defeat the titan… Without me… And not just on one account… My both accounts (Blueeyes35 and Blu33y3s35) didn’t get the awards from the defeated titan.
My friends make jokes at my person and tell me:

  • This is happening because you give them to much money and now, they wait for your money…
  • Give them more money and the awards will come… You will see…
    Third bug :bug::
    With last update, I can’t see the money offers if I don’t login myself on the game, every time. With “Sign out” and “Sign in”, not just by closing the phone :iphone:or put the screen phone in stand-by.
    I don’t want to up the kicking movie on YouTube, because you will probably loose money.
    I just want from you, to solve my problems.
    I will keep the kicked movie, in case you need the proof, to send you.
    Thanks very much.
    I will wait for your answers on email and of course, to get my flags :crossed_flags: and craft materials back.
    Because now, I feel like I was stolen from the results of my hard work to get then…

Sorry to hear you lost flags and rewards!

But unfortunately this is the wrong spot for this.

The Forum is primarily for player peer support — no one on the Forum can help with account issues. For that, you need to contact Support using the SUPPORT button in the game (instead of REPORT A BUG).

There are instructions for that here:


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