3* only from level 20 Traning Camp

Is there a bug for level 20 training barrack which promised either a Legendary or Epic to get a 3* hero only?

And i also spend on gem for pull but all i got is 10x3*… this is ridiculous.

There is only chnace to get 4* and 5* same like you trying summoan them. So do not be surprised. I did 30 training in TC20 and get 4x4*. Other only 3*.

You’re not promised a Legendary or Epic, just a chance at one from TC20. We’ve got pretty good data now on the drop rates, and it looks like 19% for 4* and 6% for 5*.

So the average number of draws to get a 4* or 5* is 4, but it could easily take much longer since it’s truly random. You’re 99% likely to have gotten at least 1 by your 16th draw.


Ahhhh okay thanks. At least now i know its not a bug problem or anything with my lousy luck account. Its either the game english problem or they simply trying to manipulate with words trying to give people false hope and then disappointment.
In that case i suggest they don’t put "training with a chance for epic and legendary hero. That’s misleading. Just put “a chance for legendary hero and below.”
As for the 99% likely… i say screw it… i been playing for a long time and wasting so much money but only 1 5* for very early game and see my members without spending one by one all got more 5* and getting ahead of me… in that case, i shldnt be spending on this any more.

Sure thing. At least TC20 is free, so you can keep doing that even if you’re not spending. There are a lot of people who are F2P or C2P, and actually seem to enjoy the game more because they’re not feeling upset it anxious about the money they’ve sunk into the game. If you’re feeling burned out on spending $$$ on the game, give F2P a try and see if it works better for you.

If you have lv20 Barracks then its already a big fat bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But if its the lv 20 Traning Camp well not a bug cause at least 65% will be 3☆ pulls …
I think you may need to take a look on this thread:
Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

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I think, to summarize a linked thread, the forum figured out a ~5% drop rate for 5*

I have gotten a ton of 5* from tc20.


not to mention Wu, Kiril (2) and a host of other 4*

I’m a F2P, formerly C2P so I rely on the freebies to get me going.

Keep the faith!

Also: I’ve gotten all 3 of my HOTM from token pulls.


Tc20 rate is 10% for 5☆
15% for 4☆
75% for 3☆
Ofc its all RGN but statics are close to that.

Actually, the current best data is:

6% for 5*
19% for 4*
75% for 3*

(Give or take a couple of 10ths of a percent)


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