3 of the same colour

Hy guys. I think there is an issue with the tiles rates when you have 3 heroes of the same colour, or…at least when you use Sonia. I have tested it for more than 30 raids with and without Sonia and thr damage that the tiles do, and the rates that the blue tiles appear, are simply ridicoulus. Anyone experienced the same thing. Now i regret that i ascended Sonia because of this.

@Baga-bani it sounds like you have had some bad luck, but this is not a bug. If you search the forums there’s several threads on this exact topic. Several players have tested hundreds (thousands??) of boards and found all tiles have the same drop rate.

It’s possible you may need to look at the boards a little differently when stacking colors. Here’s what I mean:

It is common to use all your blue (per your example) tiles first then look at the board and there’s none. This isn’t because the drop rate is different, but because you used them all first. When this happens, you’re down to 4 colors and can likely find a diamond or dragon head to create in a non-blue color. Make that match and trigger it on the next round. Often you’ll get a big collapse and blues will start appearing again :laughing:

Also, never regret leveling Sonya! She is a solid 4* hero that will work well for you in raids and wars. You made a great choice with her :smile:


Thank you for your reply.

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