3 new players looking for an alliance to join


Hello, I have three family members looking to join an active alliance. Must be drama free, family friendly and like to chat. All new players looking to grow and learn with the help of some experienced players. Age range is 57, 29 and 8 years. They enjoy the game, play daily and use all flags. Can anyone help them out? Thanks


How high are your trophies? If you have 400+ come join “Crem of the crop” we are friendly and helpfull, we want only 1 thing - be active. :slight_smile:

Also @Lagun and @SilverDragonR can take you in their alliances

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Thanks for the tag @Radar1!

@JGE please check Zero genesis, the training alliance of the Zero alliance family. Zero genesis is family friendly, 0 trophy limit.

The Zero alliance family has 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles, common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.


Rainbow of Death is just what you want. friendly and very helpful, with good players. Join Today while we have space!


Thanks @Radar for tagged me, Horsemen camp is casual alliance, accept all level no requirement, but line is a must.
We suit for beginners who want to learn or for one who don’t have to much time to play.
My door is open. Feel free to join or to challenge yourself to a bigger alliance.
Alliance name: Horsemen camp
My line id: lagunz

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Trophies won are currently:
Player one = 2100,
player two = 880,
player three = 1052
and player four = 100

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Check out Guardians University

The Guardians Family:

Guardians Academy - highly active apprentices

Guardians University - highly active scholars

Guardians Ascending - highly active regulars

Guardians Reborn - highly active psychos

Line optional. Everyone is friendly. Humour, advice, all that jazz.

We blast mean people into the sun.

Drama is minimised through fair leadership and common sense.


Ok thanks. My grandson doesn’t do LINE

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Only your last player need some more time, rest of you can already join us. We have 6* and 7* titans now and we won 7/8 wars.
We have some experienced players and my alt.

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Its oke, just need 1 for whole family. Line is just a tool to make us easier to pass information and communication. So its oke, if all of you want to join in our training camp. :slight_smile:


Rohns war zone has me 2 grandsons my son 2 nephews. Husband and wife from UK. We are fighting 7* titans. If you want to join let me know I will lowwer the cup limit for you.


All of you are welcomed to join us. Come to WE EARN OUR SCARS. Everyone is active,social and chatty. A really friendly bunch. Hitting 6-7 Titans and level 18-40ish. We welcome you all and hope to hear from you ,soon. :cactus::pear:


TM Play Smart is looking for new members. We are a small team and are very active and friendly.


You and your family are welcome to check out our Alliance “The Luke Dynasty”. We are mostly newer players also but have built some solid 4* teams also. We have many brand new players in our alliance and are here to help any/all new players.


Check us out: …AND FREEDOM RAINS! we are 24 at the moment and all of you can fit in and grow with us.


Many thanks @mib01 but your a bit top heavy for the kids to actively participate. Cheers


rohns war zone
from 6 years old and up family galore