3 legends seeking employment in a mid-high level alliance :)

(Mid-high definitions certainly vary wildly… “legend” might too :wink: )

Myself, @JonahTheBard, and @Lila_Ann are seeking a new alliance. We are 2700, 2700, and 2900 top team power. Roughly 1300,1300, and about 1500 trophies if I remember correctly.

We are all active players in our alliance game chats, all utilize the forum, and are all interested in using either Line or Discord to support our growth within the game.

We are seeking a semi-competitive, fun alliance that we can “grow into.” We wouldn’t want to be a very very weak link in an alliance necessarily, so we believe that an alliance that is currently defeating 7-9* titans (preference for 8* and close to 9* I believe…)

This is certainly a little high for where we are now, but I believe as active players willing to listen and participate, we would be a valuable add for an established team. Please let me know if you’ve got 3 spots and we sound like a good fit.


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Seek out Tranzformerz. We have room and are currently looking for a few active players…only requirement is being active with the titan and war and bring a good attitude. We have a linechat account as well with great info but it is not a requirement. Officers always around for quick response.

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Just making comment that by your team strength, if you were in my alliance, you’d be in the top 3-5 in that regard. Cup counts probably near the top as well. It is a shame because my alliance can really use active high powered players but are going to be failing short in some of your expectations.

We never did establish an outside communication medium outside of game chat and our leader is absent for some time. Would’ve liked to use Line because that’s what I normally use for family chats, but I am not sure how many of our alliance members will be interested.

We have fought 5* Titans and never killed one, the 4* Titans, we can kill if we have enough high damage hits (we frequently run out of Alliance Energy) for the previous one. But if we don’t string the kills together, we would probably get downgraded to 1* below. So we are moving around 3* to 4*. So loot won’t be great until we start killing stronger Titans. Being semi-active overall seem to have that effect.

Chatty bunch our alliance we are not, with some does the Titan/War hits, but never talked.

We took a few steps back when our strongest player left the alliance and a few more mid-leveled ones soon after. But growing along with is something I’ve seen this alliance doing since I joined and this is the only alliance I’ve signed up with since started playing E&P.

With most new players not being able to contribute immediately because of strength, and established players don’t really change alliances unless they find a better situation to move into. It is amazing how lower leveled alliances can get any sort of new blood in these alliance recruitment posts.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

Check out Northern Vikings. English speaking. Folks from all over the world. We have two openings now and i bet we can get someone to drop their alt account.

You would be square in the middle regarding team strength and cups.

8* titans now, 9* soon.


  1. We all help each other and want to succeed
  2. We have great participation on everything.
  3. We laugh and have a ton of fun. Random comments encouraged.
  4. We use discord

If interested let me know and we will get you set up.

Sounds like northern Vikings are offering you what you want - but if you would consider a lower level and grow with us, check out guardians of terra

I would describe us as ‘up and coming’ - taking 5* titans around 50% of the time. You would be around position 5 in our line-up

We have never actively recruited - so get stuck at 27 members and fresh blood at your level would certainly help !

Annie_Br on Line

Hi we at palace x would love to have you…we doing housekeeping after the war but not sure if we will have space for all three of you. If you want to keep in touch with me on line about openings feel free to msg me. My id is dragongirlkzn.

Going by those numbers you’d be at the low end of mid-level players. 1800 cups and 3500 power is about the middle layer of mid level. High level teams take a minimum of 1800/2000 or 2200/2400 cups and 3000/3400 or 3800+.


Me and @Lila_Ann are feeling excited by some of the options coming up here :slight_smile: if you do happen to get discord or Line, let me know and we can discuss there. Otherwise, if you’re comfortable with it we can discuss here of course :slight_smile:

Have you got a preference of either? Glad to see some interest


I’ll be able to get an app this evening, in about 3-4 hours. What’s your time zone?

And I’ve changed the thread status to ‘watching’ because I’ve missed lots of the replies.

Please come join our strong Alliance @ Nocturnal Winds we would love to have you to add to our already strong team. We are currently taking down 7* Titans and are doing very well in Wars. We use Discord chat. We are a very social group and love to chat strategies. Come give us a chance you won’t be disappointed.

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If you’re interested, we can make room for you in Magnificent Bastards. We are currently taking down 5* titans, and the occasional 6*. You three would be in the top third of team power, which would likely bump us up to 6* titans pretty consistently. Most of us are F2P with the occasional low spender. We use Discord, but it isn’t mandatory.

I’ll be doing some housecleaning after the war, in a few hours, so let me know.

Right Duaneski, I’m on Discord! I’m: JB ‘Lesley-Annia’ #5265 if that helps!

I’m excited, this must be how football stars feel :joy:

I’m trying to find you on Discord now

We are trying to locate you guys on Discord now with no luck??

This is what I’m seeing. Do I need to do anything else??

Will will send you an invite on Discord

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@JonahTheBard @Duaneski this link above will take you our Discord channel

search the alliance RENEGADOS 2, encanto de loko wait dor yours

but you can also seek (RENEGADOS DO INFERNOS) Vulcão em chamas iam

Check out heros guild u will fit 89 titans 3 spots open message me if interested we are very active and fun and looking for active players

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