*3 in AW for clean/tank bust squad

i had plan to level 30 heroes for AW purpose which is 50% as clean/tank bust

for now i got 15 leveled heroes which is 50% are *4 3-60 , for next 15 for do another *4 3-60 would take longer time , should i do 3-50 *3 instead ? would *3 viable for clean/tank bust squad ? any1 could share their experience ?

Proteus, defense downers, Wu.

Depends on the opponent. I did cleanup with mono 3*, 3600-4000 tp, but need an ok starting board.

If your long term goal is 30 4/5 star for aw, then 3/60 4* are better. Imo better investment of feeders in general also.

Colors matter, I’m not sure but that whole ice vs fire thing, one of my members has all that memorized.

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Do you mean this?


Top left corner of screen during battle.

Yes exactly, I’m always more busy looking 4 combos as opposed 2 the color, I’ve done fairly well & leveling up 4 me & not using a lot of supplies on map, everyone has own strategies, colors his, combos mine… Good luck out there. :slight_smile:

My highest combos in the 20, like 25 or 23 something like that…

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@RandaPandah @_John_Doe

You 2 have any thoughts on this subject?

it all depends on you expectations and if you have the 4* to lvlup:

  • if your alliance is organized and all go for 6/6 flags (it means you will encounter stronger oppoonents and 4/70 will be needed in the future) you should lvlup 4* until 3/60 and when you have the am go 4.70 if you use them on titan too
  • if you struggle in an unbalanced alliance, then its up to you… i would focus on titan hero lvling

imo when you use a flag:

  • you need 2 healers per flag used > 12 healers (they can be 3*)
  • 2 average/fast hitters
  • 1 debuffer/cleaner - all as per opponent
    I always try to go 221:
  • if tank is holy/dark - 2 to counter him and the other 3 to counter at least 1 flanker
  • if tank is red/gree/blue - 2 to counter tank and 2 to match tank colour and 1 to counter holy/dark flanker if there is


20 characters

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Honestly, it depends on your roster currently, the strength of your opponents, your future goals and your priorities. 3* will help you in the short-term, but 4* will be your backbone for a long time. Variety is always nice, so if these are unique 4* or useful ones like mana controllers or healers, I would go with the 4*. However, if you’re lacking enough 3* for the beginner tier of the event, I would get a few of those leveled first since they’ll be quick and painless, and will help you with cleanups as well. You will not use many 3* breaking through tanks unless your opponent is fairly weak though.

It would help to see your roster, but without knowing, I’d say get a few of the good 3* leveled first until you have two 3* rainbow teams for war and events. Then, I’d focus solely on 4* until you’re satisfied with your bench depth. Eventually, your war teams will consist of only 4*, so if you don’t care about the beginner tier of events, then you could prioritize 4* for now since you’ll see more uses for them than the 3*. Again, depends on your priorities, especially outside of war.

Ideally, you want to be leveling heroes you’ll use in several places, not just one. Are you lacking heroes in a certain class? Do you have enough heroes leveled for events? Keep in mind too, there will be raid challenge events in the future limiting what heroes you can use as well. However, if your focus is solely war, and about creating the best teams for that, then 4* are your best bet.


Not sure what sorta alliance you are in, but im guessing its a newer alliance as you mentioned 3*. Imho 3* are complete trash and less you are a new player yourself and don’t have 30+ 4* or greater go ahead and level a few 3* but if you have 30+ 4* or greater id eat all your 3*. They are not even worth using on monthly events as the completion reward is garbage with no rare ascension items.

I have a whopping 3 3* and thats only because they are rare holiday heroes, i had at one time 30ish fully leveled 3* and ate every single one save the holiday heroes and don’t regret it for a second.

3-star snipers & Brienne / Melia are OK if you’ve already maxed them. Do not go out of your way to max 3* for your war bench. You’re better off spending those feeders on 4-stars even if it only takes them up to 3-60. Note that this strategy will not be effective on 5-star defenses when they are even half way advanced in their hero class.

Here’s what you can do with 3-star and 4-star heroes.

Things I would want to know in order to answer:

  • The caliber of your 4* heroes currently at 3.60
  • The quality of of the next batch of 15 4* heroes you could level to 3.60
  • How good the 3* heroes you’re considering leveling are

I will say that I disagree with those who are dismissing the idea of leveling up some 3* heroes out of hand. There could be a number of benefits, depending on your situation. As you stated, it would provide you with war depth. But it may also fill out some classes, allowing you to participate more in more trials. They could also be of use in future raid challenged.

I calculated that I can easily level up a rainbow 3* team from nothing in a bit under three weeks, even with NO materials (swords and backpacks). And that’s using only color matched training. If you instead wanted to level up a smaller number of heroes and feed them anything (I don’t recommend it, but it is faster), then the time would be even less. In any event, it’s hardly a prohibitive time investment.

my current rooster ( 3 months playing )


  • Magni , Leo , Kage , Eve 3-70
  • Arthur 2-60
  • Khagan , Joon , Elkanen , Justice , Another Eve Unleveled


  • Proteus , Sabina , Triton , Jackal , BT , Buddy , Wilbur 4-70
  • Scarlet , Skit , Chao , Colen 3-60
  • Ameona , Merlin , Cryprian , Rigard , Wu , Danza , Lixiu , Hutao , Boril , Sonya , Agwe , Valeria , Grimm , Gobbler , Caedmon , Kash , L.John , Melendor , Sumitomo , Kelile , Gormek Unleveled


  • Namahage , Rudolp , Mneseus , Melia , Gill-ra , Chochin , Val *3 unleveled

Okay, well to be honest you have more heroes and farther along than I was guessing based on your asking if you should consider some 3*'s. Based on this new information and how long you’ve been playing I’m going to now assume you know some basic things like, ‘if you want to improve your Titan scores, Wu Kong will really help there.’ I’m also going to assume that if your roster has a substantial gap you will notice and fix it (for example, raids made it obvious I was short on debuffers, so the moment I pulled Sonya and Caedmon they became top priorities).

So I’ll just address the point I was making about Trials. I’ve re-sorted your heroes by their class, and will differentiate between anyone who is field-ready (let’s say 5* 2.60, 4* 3.60 or better), and everyone else.

Barbarian: Kageburado
Assets: Grimm, Little John, Gormek, Namahage

Cleric: none
Assets: Elkanen, Rigard, Agwe, Mnesseus

Druid: none
Assets: Gobbler, Caedmon, Melendor, Melia

Fighter: Magni, Boldtusk, Colen
Assets: Hu Tao, Sumitomo, Rudolph, Valen

Monk: Leonidas, Wilbur
Assets: Joon, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Valeria

Paladin: Arthur
Assets: Justice, Cyprian, Sonya

Ranger: Evelyn, Triton, Buddy, Chao
Assets: Khagan, Evelyn

Rogue: Jackal, Scarlett
Assets: Danzaburro, Kelile

Sorcerer: Sabina, Skittleskull
Assets: Ameonna, Gill-Ra, Chochin

Wizard: Proteus
Assets: Merlin, Kashhrek

Now combining them to trials (only listing field-ready heroes)

Strength (Barbarian and Fighter)
Kagburado, Magni, Boldtusk, Colen

Fortitude (Cleric, Druid)

Mysticism (Sorcerer, Wizard)
Sabina, Skittleskull, Proteus

Serenity (Paladin, Ranger)
Arthur, Evelyn, Triton, Buddy, Chao

Survival (Barbarian, Rogue)
Kageburado, Jackal, Scarlett

Justice (Monk, Paladin)
Leonidas, Wilbur, Arthur

Decimation (Fighter, Wizard)
Magni, Boldtusk, Colen, Proteus

Nature (Druid, Ranger)
Evelyn, Triton, Buddy, Chao

Shadows (Rogue, Sorcerer)
Jackal, Scarlett, Sabina, Skittleskull

Piety (Cleric, Monk)
Leonidas, Wilbur

I think the cases I’d focus on are where you have three. If it’s below that - Fortitude - it’s too much to push for right now. Plus, if you address your strongest weak cases first, that will probably improve the other areas. Your weak weak cases will probably become strong weak cases by the time you’re ready to re-evaluate. And where you have four or five serviceable heroes I’m going to assume you’re fine (manage with healing, items, etc.), which takes care of Strength, Serenity, Decimation, Nature, and Shadows.

For Mysticism almost all of your options are purple. Merlin is my pick. As a bonus, he also brings your Decimation roster up to five (which is basically why I’d focus on the cases with three heroes) while giving you a boost in raids, titans, war, and events.

For Survival Grimm seems pretty clear and also provides a nice pair with Arthur (in non Trial situations). Again, that pushes another trial up to a full five, this time Strength.

For Justice I’d choose Wu Kong, for the aforementioned titan reason. And, let’s face it - if you’re shorthanded you are hoping to take advantage of variance and get lucky. Wu Kong facilitates that. He’d also be the third in Piety, so you’ll be in a better position to address that in the future.

If you’re doing color matching training then your red and green resources are not yet claimed. There’s no obvious red target to my eyes. I would consider Namahage, but since you’re already fine in the trials where he’d play I think I’d ultimately pass. Kelile catches my eye, as you are thin in both of the trials involving her class (Rogue). I don’t think that’s an amazing usage of resources, so do what you think is best and be ready to switch if you pull someone who feels more valuable.

Green is interesting. A Druid seems the natural choice since you have none, and both Caedmon and Melendor are viable. I’d probably decide based on whether or not you need another healer.

As a side note, I don’t think taking ~3 weeks would be a waste on Mnesseus, though I’d like it a lot more if he were a critical fourth or fifth piece than the first. But let’s say you do Wu Kong, giving you a third Monk. You still have no clerics to add to that for Piety. Now Mnesseus has some value. Ultimately I’d like Rigard here, but I think it’s stronger to let Merlin claim the purple resources.

All that said, this is all assuming you are interested in the trials! Good luck.


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