3 Ideas to Improve war of the 3 Kingdoms

These are some ideas to address one of the most annoying aspects of the Wo3K event… Which is being on a war band with hundreds of unused flags:

1. Track Flag Utilization

Track whom uses flags and whom does not use flags via a utilization metric.

In future wars place players in teams where they share the same metric (e.g. a player that always uses all flags is always grouped in a team with other players whom also have always used all flags).

Further, the teams with the lowest metric should be forced to fight teams with the highest metric, effectively punishing bad behavior and rewarding good behavior. Not sporting, but definitely incentivizing good behavior and punishing bad.

2. Enact a Refundable Opt-In Cost

If it cost 300 gems to opt in, and you DID NOT get those gems back if you left war flags on the table, we would see less players choose to leave war flags on the table.

Also, if the entry cost were put into the reward(s) pool and distributed at the end to players whom used all flags, many of us would be less unhappy about losing due to 500 flags being left unused as that may represent a lot of gems we will see as a reward…

3. Redistribute Rewards

No rewards for players whom do not use their flags, instead, their rewards are redistributed to those whom used all flags.

@Pohiroshima suggested something really good and simple, just give coins every match. If the amount is like ToL where everyone gets up to 2-3 pulls per event, that should be a good enough incentive to participate


good ideas, that event is by far the most stupid. Clearly rushed only to release strong, crazy stats very rare heroes in a ridiculous odds portal.


Just don’t go into this event and expect anything prestigious to come your way

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Yes…yes it is, very stupid

Best way to improve it is to delete it. Its a huge mess trying to get any cordination from 100 players and loot is lousy

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If there are people who are willing to opt in and then not use flags (for whatever reason, including “I just wanted free stuff”), then if “flag enforcement” is put into place, there will be people who are willing to opt in, tap “Attack”+autofill team randomly and then immediately “Flee” 12 times.

The bigger problem is that I also really don’t see what the purpose is of this event, other than “excuse for another portal,” with a side of “give bigger-roster players a chance to complain about ‘kill-stealing’ or ‘not using flag’ players” in a “team” event that is hardly about actual teamwork, and has anti-teamwork incentives.

(To wit, 100 random strangers is not a recipe for teamwork even if they all speak the same language, and if cleanups are worth very nearly almost as many points as one-hit KOs, it’s disingenuous to feign anger that players will value cleanups, especially when individual score is the only one of the reward structures one can meaningfully influence.)


I read somewhere in here that a lot of people look at this as 1 vs 199. Get yours and let the rest of the chips fall where they may


This would be exactly the same thing as if you are in an alliance and fail to use your titan flags. When the titan goes down you do not get any loot. This is a good idea.

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Three Kingdoms needs a complete overhaul. I like the ideas in this thread but I’m on the borderline of “get rid of it entirely and replace it with something better”.


This is a good Idea but I would go a step further. If you do not use all of your attacks you will not have the option to join any future 3 Kingdoms wars until a probation period of 2 wars has passed. A second offence means permanent banishment. Because this person obviously isn’t interested in wars.
It would be wonderful if everyone going to war was on the same page and it is only fair if everyone on both sides uses every attack. It can be done!