3* HOTM with silver tokens

Since EHT seems to be super rare to get (I’ve heard stories about them being very common in the beginning) and 3* s with steroids, sorry, emblems is the new wave… Maybe a 3* HOTM obtainable with silver tokens could give us something to work (and use in tournaments) when AM for epics and legendaries starts to scarce.

I could use a mini-Gravemaker.

I like this idea a lot.

I wholeheartedly support this idea. Now that there are 3* tournaments on a regular basis, I’d love to see more attention on them and also new heroes :heart_eyes:


As much as i like this idea i dont believe it will ever be introduced, as there are many special 3* heroes from atlantis and seasonal, and currently they are adding new 3* atlantis hero so we might see more until season 3 is released

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Nice idea but then you leave it open for the next obvious request which is 4* HOTM.

So may as well ask for both here and now, lol.

Like it but

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The idea itself isnt bad, but like someonw mentioned in another thread before: I think its very time-consuming to plan and bring up new heros. bcs the choice of new, unseen heros dont gets larger by time. i think they already have to be very creative just to bring up one heros per month.

I totally agree wit you. Not to mention the fact that there are other, more important things for them to do like fixing the tournaments, releasing the new buildings, keep on with the buffing of old heroes to keep them in the game, and of course reworking the newer heroes who failed miserably (like Atomos or Mok-arr). There are a lot of things for them to do and they also work on S3 so yeah, the idea is great, it would make some more diversity but right now there are other priorities.

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I want Mok-ar quite a bit actually.

Why is that? I have him at 3/70 and the only place where i found him useful was the shiloh quest. And for a single quest i won’t use any tabards on him not to mention that i can easily complete it even without him. In his case i think the cost way outweighs the gain. I think that during his design process they found his dmg output too powerful so they kept adding negative features (team dmg, and inability to hit purple enemies), but they added too many and thats why i consider him simply too situational to be used and ascended. There is no other hero in the game that has such downsides, being unable to hit a given color hero and dealing dmg to allies are incredibly huge downsides on their own, and the combination of the two simply kills him IMO. Even if he had some enormous upside, he would not be used too often, but he does not have one.

I assume that if you stack him with purple heroes against a yellow titan, he’s going to be useful. But he’s certainly not in my priority list of heroes to level. (Six 5-stars up to now, of which 2 are considered among the ultimate worst [Mokk-Ar and Thorne], and 2 among the “o.k. but not the best choice for their color” [Leonidas and Justice]). At least the latter two are being leveled to 3/70. Don’t have enough darts to worry about the next step for now.

Against titans, he is not good because:
1, his skill is AoE
2, does not have any support ability
3, he deals extra dmg against Wu, who is almost essential against titans if you don’t have Tarlak
I usually go with a 4-1 setup against titans with the 4 being the strong color and the 1 is Wu unless its a purple titan, then the setup changes a bit. So Im better off with bringing some snipers for dmg and some support characters, like tibs or cyprian. If the shark had any team support ability i would consider using him against titans, but in his current condition im better off with other purples, even with 4*s

I like this idea. We already have Rudolph for minions, Gato for ailment block. I think Atomos would make a fun 3*.

I have become bored with Empires waiting for two 5* Healers. Since Tourneys are a bust for me, and I have Proteus and Wilbur from Atlantis summons, this idea would get me excited about the game again.

Though if they implement it, I would not mind cold storage also being implemented ( linky, linky )


I run Mono teams and I’ve built solid A teams in all colours and am working on B teams now - and Mok-arr fits in a mono purple team reasonably well vs a rainbow and very well vs a team that leaves out yellow - and w teams in war often doubling their tank colour, I’m seeing a few teams each war without yellow…

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