3* heroes should ascend one more time


I think that 3* heroes should ascend one more time and lv up unyil lv.60.
Because there isn’t a great gap between 4 or 5* heroes and I sometimes prefer a 4* to a 5, but I never prefer a 3* to a 4. We can see that clearly in the hero powers. 5* heroes are in 700s, 4* are in 600s but 3* heroes are just in 400s.
This can be useful in early stages of the game because newcomers usually start with 3* heroes and when fully grown, they get stuck in the game and cannot compete with other players.


I completely agree with your observation that the gap between a 3* and a 4* is a big jump. Even at 3/60, most 4* heroes are better than maxed 3*.

My guess–and it’s nothing more than a guess–is that this was by design. SGG makes 3* and all the mats needed to ascend them easily available. They’re truly the “Free to Play” heroes. By making the gap up to 4* very obvious, they encourage players to buy gems for summons and ascension items.

At this point, I’m seriously considering just feeding away all my 3* heroes. I have 49 war-ready 4* and 5* heroes, and am not going to spend the resources to win Rare Challenge Events. So what are those 3* still doing in my deck?


At a guess and it’s just a guess, lol keeping them for rare events, lol.

But totally agree with the rest as well.