3* heroes I keep just because they're rare

…but I never use. Not in events or tournaments…
Those would be Vlad and Arman.
I have all of the non-standard 3-stars, but those two are the only ones that never see the fight.
Does anyone see their purpose?
(Not wars because I have 40+ useful 4-stars and 5-stars.)

Another one that could get on that list is Muggy. I keep giving him chances, but in most cases he dies before doing anything but some tile damage. (No, I’m not giving emblems to 3-stars.)

I’ve pulled Arman during the sand event, he’s already maxed with 1 node of emblems. I’ll probably use him in a rush attack tourney.

Lol Muggy isn’t that bad. I’ve maxed him too. He’s too squishy but has good tile damage. Even if he dies he’s still useful. He’s the star of this tourney in my opinion because his special is undispellable.


I used Muggy through the entire Rare section of the Teltoc Challenge Event because my first three 4* heroes were healers, so I never got around to leveling a 3* healer. He is not bad in my opinion; good tile damage and his resurrect acted as my full party “heal” when most my party would get wiped from the all-enemies boss attacks. He is also in my green stack for the 3* raid tournaments.

I also have him in the queue and will max him because seasonal.

But yer…any good as a tank for tournaments or on rush? Or even bloody battle with his dot?

What a coincidence. I have Vlad and Hisan! Hisan is new and haven’t leveled yet.

I finally maxed Vlad because I had no Purple projects, and I’m happy. I use him occasionally during Wars (especially when field aid is on) to finish off weakened opponents. He once won me a match against an enemy with Li xiu and Sabina in the wings (the other 3 heroes had been killed already). He stole Sab’s healing, and his humongous health allowed him to survive Li’s special (only one on my team f Purple 3*s left standing)!

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Arman : rush attack tourney…offense or defense…prefarebly when no purple allowed

I always put in 1 talent node in 3* when using them in tourneys as you can take them out without any loss of emblems.

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I keep one of each 3*, just because. Even Friar Tuck. The rare 3* heroes are a bonus for me, definitely have to keep them for novelty sake. 90% of my 3* heroes rarely see any action anymore, but you never know when they might come in handy for something.

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I have used Arman on my def in one of the early tournaments (30/4), it was a rush attack. It is hard to evaluate his performance since I was hit once only and stuck with an E.

I have used him in 3Y stacks, with melia and bane (my 4th option is kailani). On offense with a primarily fast team he doesn’t often go off, so I’d class him as maybe a win more in tournaments. Though his aoe and dot did win a close one for me :slight_smile:

I don’t have Vlad, and I haven’t leveled Arman yet, but don’t be hatin’ on Muggy. He’s “tha real MVP” in this most recent raid tournament for me. Had one fight that I finished with five chameleons! Yes, he is very squishy, but a 600+ attack AND a quasi-resurrect from a 3-star? Get outta here with that!

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Don’t have Vlad but he’s probably the worst seasonal hero, I can see him being valuable in defense and maybe for this current Teltoc Quest if you only want to complete it.

Arman is fighter class, that makes him super annoying to fight on defense teams for tournaments (I know from experience fighting a team with Arman+16 nodes). I hate fighters overall on defense, it feels like no matter what you do to stop them from firing their skill, somehow they’re going to find a way to revive with 1HP and fire it anyways.

Awww man I HEARS YA! Muggy has flipped my 3* raid tourney into overdrive!

Muggy/Gato/Tuck/Gato/ Muggy

in a 3* tourney with NO reds?!!?

Too good ta be true!


My main yellow 3-stars are Melia, Bane and Gan Ju and when I stack 4th, I rather choose Kailani than Arman. Might try him as a 4th in some future tournament. Or try farming with that team…

Tried Vlad and he’s utter crap. He might save you once in a million, but there’s no useful skill to rely on there… Once I tanked him in a tournament and that was a marvelous disaster.
Muggy’s too squishy so my green 4-stack is always Belith, Brienne, Hisan, Mnesseus. Tried Muggy as 5th, but did much better with Berden in those mono cases, or even Isshtak.

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