3* heroes from daily summon linked to class quests

Okay, so I’m F2P. Only just got to T13, suddenly the 3* are pouring in and I spend most of my time getting ready for the next class quest. I’m only lvl23 but I try to bang out the first 2 rounds of each one. The on the morning of Survival after breezing through the first round, bringing Hikaru along for the yellow tiles (she survived) I draw Dawa from the daily summon. I think it’s only the 2nd time I have ever got a 3* hero from the DS. Then this morning Hawkmoon pops out of the DS just in time for Piety. Two 3* heroes out of the DS in 4 days both just happen to align with the class quest of the day… Shame it doesn’t give me time to level them. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this phenomena.

I think it is coincidence, but I did get Rigard and boril yesterday from my tc20s.


I’m sure it is. Just seemed weird.

I think it’s just a coincidence, but for what it’s worth, someone actually suggested there should be a Class Summons added, which you might like to discuss or vote on:


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