3 Hero Teams & Color Bans - New War scenerios

War defense is always the same, put out your strongest team with all players in an alliance coordinating on the same color tank.
I suggest doing some changes to war defenses since everyone gets a 24 hour period to change up the war defense.

  • Color Ban - one color is banned from defense team for this war. If a player does not change up the defense then a 1* trainer hero of the opposing color takes the spot.

  • 3 Hero Teams - Wings are removed from defense. Of course you can only attack with 3 heroes too in the same positions. This is a would change strategies a lot as a 3 hero team would have different synergies (columns exposed in normal setup 1 1 3 1 1, in new setup 0 1 3 1 0)

  • 3 Hero Teams - Flanks are removed from defense. Of course you can only attack with 3 heroes too in the same positions. Without flanks the tank does not protect the wings (columns exposed in normal setup 1 1 3 1 1, in new setup 2 3 2) and the gap would make heroes that hit 3 targets much less useful.

  • 2 Color Ban

  • Color Ban & 3 hero teams combined

The 3 war aids do need some changing up and there are some good ideas detailed here:
In addition to the ideas there I just want to throw in one more:

  • ‘rearrange enemy positions randomly’ (just like Cheshire Cat)
    this can be helpful or harmful as a fresh tank rotating in from wing position when your about to take out the tank can be frustrating, but also having a tank being swapped out for a weaker hero would be a welcome mixup.

First one sounds good as long as emblems are able to be moved around without the need of reset tokens/gems and don’t cost any hams/iron

3 man defenses would be too easy imo, if u start the match being able to ghost, it’s half over already

As far as the randomly reallocating defenses, defenses would just be setup with all fast AoE so that position is irrelevant, offender would get screwed since any color they stacked vs a tank or flank would probly be slantly disadvantaged upon the first shuffle and possible lead to wars being more frustrating for most than they already are

Just my 2 cents

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I always thought different formations would be nice. an upside-down formation, with the wings at the front and “tank” in the last row. Or an M- or W-formation. But I think I would prefer that in raids or tournaments, not in war…

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You could have a rule “Boss defense” - just like map stages with 3x heroes and hero in Boss position gaining 10x HP, requires 60x tiles to charge. Maybe limited to alliance leader to get people out of zombie alliances. This would also give advanced alliances more options than just same color defense team centers.

Really unlimited ways SGG could change defense teams in war, and raid.

Just offer an advantage to selecting weaker formations and disadvantages ( or limit number ) for stronger formations.

War gaming has been using unit points, and number limits, for years.

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I just want to be clear that a color ban war only is for the defense team and you can use all heroes available in your bench for war attacks.
I would really welcome the idea of having to do a change during the mandatory 24 hour war prep phase and adjust the defense team accordingly to whichever color or colors are banned from each particular war.
In addition to the ‘team rearrange’ in place of war aids, another replacement for war aids could be adding the special gameplay tiles from the Seasonal Events (Springvale, Santa’s Challenge, and Return to Morlovia) a special gameplay mode like the Exploding Eggs, Frozen Tiles, or Exploding Pumpkins. To balance it and make it an equalizer, remove the benefit side to matching the tiles, so no life gained or mana gained when matching eggs or pumpkins. @EmpiresPuzzles

I’m fully supporting any changes to the wars. I’d like to see 3 and 4 star wars, too. It’s time for some variations, especially now with repetitive green tank wars!

Wars are twice a week, surely we’re all ready for something different.

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