3* hero stack bonuses

I couldnt find a thread on this, but I think that 3* heros should get a “family bonus” of full stat increases to make them more useful as well as more desirable to play with. Maybe:

2 - 10%
3 - 20%
4 - 30%
5 - 40%

This would put them almost par with an unleveled 4* hero for example let’s take my Namahage with 3 emblems.
Atk526 def436 life633

Atk578 def479 life696 (10%)
Atk630 def522 life759 (20%)
Atk734 def608 life885 (40%)

Couple 4* stats almost maxed
Atk615 def630 life1209
Atk621 def637 life978
Few maxed 4*
595atk 673def 1166life
501atk 792def 1151life
714atk 586def 1000life
603atk 631def 1183life

Unleveled 5* barely enhanced
Atk420 def390 life794
Few maxed 5*
669atk 712def 1404life
729atk 718def 1248life
809atk 578def 1312life
725atk 677def 1349life

As you can see, 4* will still rule over 3* and 5* over them. We all also know, that any hero with equal emblems will basically put stats relatively back the way they were with slight variations only. For max stats, u could run with a full 3* team and be able to handle some of the harder events, titans, AW opponents or whatever.

I for one would love to use my 3* heros even if I had full sets of 5*. This would also allow new players or f2p players to have a chance.

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